Where’s The Color?

Word of advice: When an exhibition is featuring the work of seven different artists, it’s often a bad sign and could get a bit messy. So if you do decide to stop by NURTUREart in Bushwick for their latest multi-media exhibition “The Order of Things” consider yourself worried – and not just because the theme of the exhibition has to do with the artists’ existentialist inquiry of the apocolypse. The current collection with artwork by Lisha Bai, Leah Beeferman (what a name…), Ethan Greenbaum, Elisa Lendvay, Demetrius Oliver, Allyson Vieira, and Joe Winter – all former Masters of Fine Arts students – is a lot like having all of your favorite flavors paired together to create some kind of historically awesome sandwich. But on the other hand, it could also feel like waking up every day to find out you’ve slept on seven different ice picks. Ouch. 


And if looking at six different MFA grads’ artwork doesn’t already have you tying the noose (what’s the hold up, Oliver?) then imagine yourself hanging out with all of their best friends too. That’s right, on top of the massive collection of seven different artists’ works, there was also a huge opening party. Skip the noose, use the handgun instead, you’ve been saving it for something like this. With all the people there I started to think the sculptures looked somehow out of place. Like at least give them a cocktail and someone to talk to. It’s their party, not yours. There’s nothing worse than being at a party and looking over at someone not having any fun. Like what if you’re in the middle of story, then looked over for dramatic effect, and saw some dumb clay mound staring unamused at you? A real party person would be like “hey, clay dude, get your ass over here, you got to hear this.” Then would throw their arm around it and pour a drink over its head when it didn’t laugh at the punch line. 


When Art Galleries Turn into Bars


If you’re going to throw a party, do it, and if you want to do an art show do that, but don’t squish them together. “Oh, but having free drinks is a great way to get people to come to the show.” Actually, the artwork itself is supposed to get people to go dummy. You can’t just mix everything together and always expect good results. Imagine if they put you next to an art piece on a plane? “And to your right is the newest sculpture from Adam Smith Park (Wow, big surprise, artist still can have realistic names). While in air, please examine this piece. An essay will be required on your exit.” God, that actually sounds better – being forced to stare at some irrelevant painting for four hours. It’s not like there is much else to do while in the air.


But really, getting all your drunk friends together is great, just don’t do it at your art gallery. I know, it’s hard to believe that some people would really want to come and look at your work, but trust me, there are some. So try giving them a little bit of respect and leave your bar flies somewhere else. As a human being, I like to think that if I had wanted a drink I could have stayed home. PS: the longest line here was to see the toilet and guess what, it was the best piece too. At least it was interactive. Now if only it was big enough to fit all your heads into we might be getting somewhere. 


  • NURTUREart “The Order of Things” Group Exhibition. January 4th – February 4th 2013. [Price of Artworks: NYC-Artparasites estimates $100 – 2,000]
Article written by Thomas Comstock