Where The Boys Are Pt. 1: Friedrichshain

Here at APs we understand that it can be hard to divide your time between getting your latest cultural fix and trying to meet babes. But we have a solution: do both at the same time! Our serious reporters are scouring each district (well, the ones you've heard of, sorry Marzahn) to bring you the best night time spots to find art and attractive men. Up this week: the Berlin district of Friedrichshain. What kind of slightly artsy guy can you expect out and about in Friedrichshain? Hip and stylish, enjoying cocktails, not a care in the world – but beware: There is a bigger chance that this particular babe could have a baby of his own fast asleep at home waiting for papa! 

Fitcher's Vogel 

Named after a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm and situated on Warschauer Strasse, Fitcher's Vogel looks like a smoky speak-easy from the outside, brass gramophones in the window peeking out from a dark interior with avant-garde Czech films being projected onto the walls. Inside, drape yourself on a sumptuous chaise lounge and ask one of the many attractive guys to draw you like one of his French girls – too bad if the Titanic reference here is lost.

Süß War Gestern

The typical Friedrichshain hottie can be found in abundance at bar and club Süß War Gestern (update: currently closed for renovations). Featuring street art on the wall and a definite arty vibe, we spoke to amateur photographer Hugo Gascon about his favorite art in Berlin – “I really love C/O Berlin, the photography there is always really good.” No points for inventiveness there but we can't argue.

Panorama Bar

The link with art here may be slightly tenuous, but if you can take a minute out of your hardcore techno frenzy you can admire the massive Wolfgang Tillmans photographs lining the walls of this upstairs bar at Berghain. As for attractive men, there are plenty, though predominantly gay; if this isn't your cup of tea then perhaps avoid the darkrooms. To avoid queuing for half of eternity don't join the queue between 2 and 5am Friday or Saturday morning… you have been warned.

Cafe Stadler

Tucked away on Boxhagner Strasse, Cafe Stadler features international art and serves good beer – what more do you need, really? If you're around here on the weekend also make sure to check out the Boxhagener Platz flea market on a Sunday to look for your own art (antiquities guaranteed).

Article by Marie J Burrows 

Editors Note: This article originally appeared on the pages of Arparasites in October 2012 — below are the rest from the series. Though they might contain few outdated observations, rest assured the places are still frequented by hot guys (or at least on the prowl). 

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