Where The Boys Are Part 5: Prenzlauer Berg

A district known for its leafy, picturesque qualities and influx of young families, Prenzlauer Berg might seem an unusual end for our “Where The Boys Are” series. However, BAPS has managed to find some unusual venues for that intoxicating cocktail of attractive men and art, including the locals you would expect and also those that you would not!

Bar Gagarin

Nestled away on a lush corner in Prenzlauer Berg, this restaurant and bar named after the Soviet astronaut is worth a visit for its delicious Russian menu alone. Serving up a whole host of traditional Russian fare, their Moscow Meatballs are quite possibly the best meatballs I have ever tasted. Artwork is present mainly in the form of the massive mural of Gagarin on one wall, and there are intellectual, beautiful men huddled in conversation in abundance (bar staff included).

Beckett’s Kopf

If you’re a fan of Irish author and playwright Samuel Beckett, then this cozy bar is a must. The exterior features a luminous portrait of Beckett looming out of the dark, unassuming entrance. After ringing the golden bell at the door and waiting to be guided inside, you are greeted by a dimly lit, highly opulent setting of claret colored walls and dark leather furnishings. The drinks menus are tucked inside Beckett manuscripts, and silky jazz oozes through the air, gliding past the eclectic paintings by the venue’s “house artist.” Visit here in search of wealthy young men with impeccable taste (and a large wallet).

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