Where The Boys Are Part 4: Mitte

Mitte is not usually the area I frequent in the evenings in the search of hot men, typically because the neighboring districts of my home, Kreuzberg and Neukölln, produce far better results. If clean-cut and trendy is your type however (and even if it’s not), look no further: we’ve scoured Mitte for that lovely cocktail of art and men so that you don’t have to.

Sankt Oberholz

This co-working space is an absolute babe magnet. Designed as a place to work, the space makes this task incredibly hard given the amount of eye candy on offer. It seems every beautiful struggling photographer/graphic designer/writer/insert-creative-profession-here has visited this venue. This leads (in my experience) to poor productivity as you Facebook your friends while ogling the bar staff. Other people would seem to agree as confirmed by this hilarious blog. An alternative to pretending to work during the day is coming during the evening, when the lights are dimmed and there is the occasional DJ. NB: Both the wine and wide variety of cakes here are delicious.

Hot man at St. OberholzCo-working chic: Berliner Oscar Barcia works away on his Mac at St. Oberholz. Photo: Chris Phillips

Mein Haus am See

This popular bar-club is always full of attractive men – though whether they are straight or not is a different matter (not that this uncertainty is unique to Mitte). In this constantly buzzing atmosphere, there are regular DJ sets and temporary art exhibitions, such as the current one by artist Anna Molla featuring colourful, erotic pieces. The only bad point is how ridiculously busy it can get on the weekends, when there is no spot on their packed tiered seating area for you to survey the area for hot men. Our advice: get there early.

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