Where The Boys Are Part 2: Kreuzberg

Last week we covered Friedrichshain’s top 5 hangouts for art and attractive men, and are continuing our good work with this week’s installment in Kreuzberg. Berlin’s answer to Shoreditch in London, this area is teeming with hotties and arty abodes, so it can be hard to decide where to start. Here we break it down… 

Eis Kotty

This small cafe and bar caught our eye with it’s colourful art projections on one wall. Seeing as it’s autumn, the plethora of ice cream available didn’t tickle our fancy; so we made our way to the bar instead. Head here to meet an eclectic crowd and participate in themed evenings with an unusual twist – previous events include cabaret nights and Balkan music acts.



Located on the ever busy Oranienstrasse, CAKE is a bar and club which offers an alternative to the majority of this too-cool-for-school district. There are few hipsters in sight, in their place a lively mix of people from all over the world having a good time. Here we enjoyed dancing to an upbeat, somewhat bizarre collection of music, ranging from sixties soul to South American beats (a welcome break from techno). When you’re not having a sweaty dance-off, enjoy the extensive list of cocktail options whilst lounging at the bar or against the vividly colored wall paintings.

Roses Bar

Taste is a varied thing, not only in the art world, but also in life in general. To those with a penchant for all things gloriously kitsch and with a taste for flamboyant men (more homo than heterosexual): make sure you visit Roses. We spoke to Irish hottie Robert Dahm, who loved the place so much that he claimed: “The walls in Roses are some of the finest art in Kreuzberg you’ll see.” We did say that taste was open to interpretation.

kreuzberg bar roses hot guy Roses’ enthusiast Peter O Brian. Photo: Chris Phillips

Santa Maria 

More food than art-orientated, the taco and tequila Tuesdays at this popular Mexican bar and restaurant just could not be ignored (we held a previous BAPS party with Mexican Artist Kari Mayo here). Santa Maria isn’t just a taco joint, though. This venue serves up plenty of dishes, in both senses of the word: the tortillas are just as tasty as the gorgeous guys. Large wall art also makes the interior of this venue aesthetically appealing! 


Hidden away near Kottbusser Tor, Möbel-Olfe is filled with the typical Kreuzberg hipster – glasses, beard, graphic designer, you know the type. The décor of this artsy hangout is also typically alternative but nice all the same. Consisting of a good mix of taxidermy (fish are a main focus, although the deer with a disco ball between its antlers is definitely enjoyable) and ‘decorative’ furniture, this venue makes for a cozy place to curl up on those cold evenings. Try their Polish Vodka to keep those winter blues at bay.

For your convenience we have even plotted a map of these venues which you can see here – make sure you take it out on your next Friday night!

Stay tuned next week for our top 5 arty hangouts with attractive men in the oh so hip Neukölln.

Article by Marie J Burrows