What’s That On The Wall?: NYC Weekend Art Events

The end of February is nigh, but fear not: the weekend is even nigher. Warm up with our curated list of NYC’s best weekend art events and parties.

Thursday February 21st, 2013

Petzel Gallery – “The Phantom Sex” and “paintology (and other trials)” Openings – 6-8pm

Start your weekend with a wow-wow-wallopy: two openings in the very same gallery. Dana Hoey’s “The Phantom Sex” features surreal photographs of female figures, including eerily-detailed recreations of Hoey herself. Elsewhere in the building, Dirk Skreber’s “paintology (and other trials)” includes paintings and installation work, and centers around a large-scale recreation of the metal cage in which the members of Pussy Riot sat while facing trial in Russian court.

Gladstone Gallery – “The Order of Things” Opening – 6-8pm

A complete transformation of Gladstone’s 21st Street space, Miroslaw Balka’s new show uses video, sculpture and other installation tools to create an immersive space that asks viewers to contemplate familiar words and images in entirely new contexts. Borrowing the title of Michel Foucault’s famous post-structuralist tome, Balka reflects on a range of heady subjects, including the limits of language and how meaning shifts through time.

David Nolan Gallery – “L’Amour Fou” Opening – 6-8pm

Take everything you know about junkyards and throw it out the window. Renowned British artist Gavin Turk‘s new exhibit explores the unexpected beauty of car parts and exhaust fumes. In one room, Turk’s crafted bronze recreations of automotive engines, inviting viewers to find the beautiful in the mundane. In another room, Turk’s drawings of exhaust fumes turn toxic waste into something worship-worthy.

Friday February 22nd, 2013

Allegra LaViola Gallery – “I Killed My Father, I Ate Human Flesh, I Quiver With Joy: An Obsession with Pier Paolo Pasolini” Opening – 6-8pm

Brandishing the Wild Title of the Week, Allegra LaViola Gallery presents 38 artists’ loosely-curated responses to the work of radical mid-century poet and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini. The multimedia works range from homages to Pasolini to subtle critiques of the radically avant garde work that Pasolini created.

Bortolami Gallery – “D S + R and the bar at the Orangerie” Opening – 6-8pm
Through a wide array of media, including marble recreations of cable racks, glass sculptures and small-scale paintings, Ben Schumacher shines a light on the various ways information swirls and sends around us in the modern age. During this opening, employees of the Diller Scofidio + Renfro architectural firm will touch up old architectural models, restoring to their former glory the blueprints for both existing buildings and theoretical ones that bit the dust when they lost architectural competitions.

Culturefix – Grasshopper/ Dejewski-Wong Performance and Exhibition – 8pm-midnight
An interactive video, sculpture and sound performance/exhibition by artists Katie Wong and Kevin Dejewski, Grasshopper/ Dejewski-Wong takes viewers on a ride through the multimedia world we live in. Experimental band Grasshopper will join for a live performance on Friday evening.

Saturday February 23rd, 2013

Dodge Gallery – “Room For Myth” Opening – 6-8pm
Folks, it’s another double feature! Featuring the work of artists Barney Kulok, Roy McMakin and Arlene Shechet, “Room For Myth” features furniture, clay sculptures, paper works and photographs, all of which invite viewers to ponder whether the works on view are in the process of being created or destroyed. Meanwhile, in Dodge’s inner gallery, Rebecca Chamberlain’s Homotorium I immerses viewers in a series of wall-to-wall monochromatic paintings which evoke a somber past and the interior of a Frank Lloyd Wright home. 

Ronald Feldman Gallery – “Control” Opening – 6-8pm
Using software he designed himself, Jason Salavon transformed data he found on the internet into interactive video projection designs, which gallery viewers can manipulate on their own with buttons, knobs and joysticks. Subjects of Salavon’s data mapping include the Wikipedia data-distance between bridge buillding and Kim Kardashian. In other words, it’s interactive and it’s Six Degrees of Bridge Building. In other other words: We Will See You There.