What is Wrong with Art?

Welcome to the office of the investigation agency S.A.V.E. This extended and investigative live performance is the initiative of artist couple “Ze Coeupel”.  The performance is part of the exhibition “2012” at Exile, which seeks to assess the state of the arts in Berlin! Alongside the performance stands Goran Tomcic’s work “CRATE”. The empty silver crate that is “CRATE” steals attention in the room in which it is central. While this suggests that meaningless art is stealing our attention, the exhibition is far from meaningless.

“Everything is in crisis and this is a response to the crisis” – Ambra

Ze Coeupel consistes of Ambra Pittoni and Paul-Flavien Enriquez-Sarano who have worked as the “investigation agency” S.A.V.E in other cities including Marseille and Milan since 2009. Each office is tailored to the artistic problems of the different location and Berlin’s is the first to examine the needs of the city’s artists.

 “It is somehow a collection of data we would like to preserve for the future” – Paul-Flavien

Ze Coeupel are collecting testimonies from as many artists who are willing to give them! They are being collected in a box, which is almost like a box of treasure and will be on view until the end of the exhibition. The atmosphere is not meant to be friendly, in oder to push the artists into facing their problems. The Artparasites went along to find the answer to: What is the problem of art in Berlin?

“We are not sure what exactly the problem is – instead we work on living archives” – Paul-Flavien

So, no answers yet, but many issues being raised. If you want to find out for yourself, you can go along and read the testimonies during the course of the exhibition, and if you are an artist you can go and give your own testimony to the “Census Office”!

Exile Goran Tomcic and Ze Coeupel “2012” May 5th – June 2nd 2012, Thu – Sat: 12 – 6pm, Census Office open Thu – Sat: 3 – 6pm