What Do I See When I Look Into The Mirror? A Reflective Poem About Self

“Big Hair Don’t Care”  by June Collie

“Big Hair Don’t Care” by June Collie

A bright smile. That’s the first thing I see every time I look into the mirror. No tears, or frowns or disturbed eyes. I believe that positivity is a way of life and not a part of it.
Messy hair. I am always in my Pajamas when I am at home. I love not caring about how I look, and my reflection doesn’t mind the tattered clothes.
Glamorous made up face. When I am not home, I have to care about how I look. I hate it. But, the sad reality of the world and its vanity has managed to convince me to put on proper pants and wear lipstick.
Hopeful yearning. I love to imagine scenarios where I am winning at life. And that often happens in front of the mirror.
A popstar. I am all for a little fun and generally that fun comes dressed in a towel, singing the latest pop hit, pretending the hairbrush is a mic.
I see the person I have become. I see the pride in my eyes because my heart holds courage despite all the adversities. I see the truth in my smile trying to dissolve the lies that surround me. I see my back that hides stories, most books don’t have the spine to tell.
But most of all, I see me.
The ‘me’ without those facades, in my true form.
Written by Neerja Talreja
30DaysChallenge. Day 3.
“What do you see when you look into the mirror?”