What a Year!

For 100 days beginning on June 9, Kassel will once again be the hub of the art world. Since documenta, despite its proximity to the geographic center of Germany, takes place in the middle of nowhere, art lovers in a documenta year are basically in travel mode. Next year it would be a good idea to leave our beloved Berlin sometimes – just so as not to miss anything.

“Made in Germany”: Anselm Kiefer and Neo Rauch


If you’re traveling from Berlin to Kassel, it’s no hassle to include a trip to Hanover, for example. There, “Made in Germany Two” (May 17 – August 19), the tensely anticipated follow-up to the highly regarded first installement four years ago, will provide a review of German art.

Further west still, the Kunsthalle in Bonn presents “In the Beginning: Works by Anselm Kiefer from the Grothe Collection” (June 15 – September 16). Up north, the Hamburg Kunsthalle will have a go at placing Neo Rauch in a historical frame. The exhibition is titled “Exhausted Heroes: Ferdinand Hodler – Aleksandr Dejneka – Neo Rauch” (February 17 – May 13).

Raphael in Dresden, Klimt in Wien, Munch in Frankfurt

As a matter of fact, looking beyond contemporary art production, there are several worthy museum exhibitions to marvel at: Raphael’s Sistine Madonna will be celebrating its 500th anniversary in Dresden at the Zwinger Museum with a dazzling exhibition featuring works on loan from all over the world (May 16 – August 26).

Gustav Klimt was born a mere 150 years ago. But he too will receive a well-deserved tribute – in Vienna, of course. All over Vienna, in fact: Ten museums are busy with special exhibitions featuring this trailblazer of modernism. By contrast, works by Klimt’s contemporary Edvard Munch will be on view at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt (February 9 – May 13).

The capital is getting in on the Super Year of Art as well


Of course, with this kind of competition, Berlin needs to aim high. In February, the Neue Nationalgalerie will already boast the first highlight. To honor his 80th birthday, the museum is devoting a retrospective to Gerhard Richter (February 12 – May 13). The art community will have long since seen it at the Tate Modern during the Frieze Art fair – moving on…

Spring brings the opening of the Berlin Biennale (April 27 – July 1).  Berlin-artparasites fervently hopes that this year’s event has a bit more juice than its predecessors. We say “No, thanks” to meager fare during the Super Year of Art!