Weekend Openings Tour 10th – 12th May

Openings: Thursday 10th

Galerie Eigen+Art “Birgit Brenner” 5-9pm

Exhibition of the artist Brenner who works with installation, drawing, sculpture and video works to explore personal and private issues, often between husband and wife.

Hamburger Bahnhof Morton Bartlett “Secret Universe III”, 8pm
Centred around black and white photographs of life-like dolls the artist made himself. Great planning went into creating the dolls and their clothes, the photographs of which were for his private collection only. Yes, it all sounds a bit creepy but at the same time extremely intriguing! See what else is happening at the Hamburger Bahnhof at the moment!

Kinderhook & Caracas “Body & English”, 6-10pm
A very mysterious opening! If you want to find out more about it, then go along and check it out!

Kreuzberg Pavillon Group Exhibition “Films about being God”, 8pm-12am

Performance and new media art can be expected as part of this month’s “Month of Performance Art”….also expect a masked, naked chicken man!

Check it out on the Thursday tour MAP

Openings: Friday 11th

Galerie Emmanuel Post Gabriela Jolowicz “The Monkey on My Back”, 7-10pm
Watch the invterview with Emmanuel Post at his gallery which is showing the large format wood-cuts of Jolowicz. These present scenes from daily life in incredible detail…Look out for the monkey!

Autocenter Vaclav Girsa “Wirklich”, 8pm

Delve deep into the art and spot the lines and parallels in these detailed and multifaceted works by Girsa.

stattberlin Marjorie Toussaint and Delphine Marinier “The Dangers of Wisdom”, 6-10pm
This exhibition is also part of the “Month of Performance Art” and consists of photography and video installation.

Junge Kunst Berlin Group Exhibition “_ New perspectives in painting”, 7pm

It’s always good to get a fresh perspective. What will this group of talented Berlin artists come up with?

Galerie Michael Schultz 7-9pm
Galerie Michael Schultz is offering two exhibition openings tonight: Feng Lu “Believe Me and God Bless You”, and Bong-Chae Son “Migrations”, so expect a varied evening!

Once again….don’t get lost, follow the Friday tour MAP!

Openings: Saturday 12th

Center Jon Merz “Gegenschlag im Zentrum”, 7pm

See the video from the last Parasite Invasion at Center…HERE

Skalitzers Contemporary Art NUG “Human Behaviour” 7pm

Should street art stay on the streets…whats your opinion? Don’t miss the exhibition opening of Swedish street artist NUG!