Weekend Opening Tour

Friday 17th Feb  
  • Tony Conrad – Invented Acoustical Tools Instruments. Galerie Daniel Buchholz 7-9pm: Musical instruments made for two! Still in the romantic mood after valentines day? 
  • Veronica Brovall – Logical Sex. U37 – Raum für Kunst 6-10pm: Quirky ceramic sculptures.

  • Solar Berlin: Sky high art appreciation and a good place to grab a bite to eat or refreshing drink!
  • Alicja Kwade – In Circles. Johann König 6-9pm: The most recent sculptures from this up-and-coming artist. 
  • Group exhibition – Seeing Red. Galerie Hamish Morrison 6pm: This exhibition brings together works that are red! What does the colour make you feel? Anger? Passion?
  • Ralf Bittner, Martin Eberle, Wolfram Hahn, Vadim Scheffler, Karen Stuke – SATELLIT # 2- GROGGY. Galerie Axel Obiger 7pm: Photographic perceptions of “tiredness”, I’m sure we won’t be falling asleep!
  • Buch an Breck: A cool cocktail bar! It may be small but it has a big reputation!
  • Heinzmann, Müller, Neumaier, Peckl, Rahimi, Schreiner, Stöhrer, Wieland, Zaiser & Zipp – Frankfurter Applaus. Autocenter 8pm: Lots of artists, lots of art, lots of fun!
Saturday 18th Feb  
  •  Monica Bonvicini. Galerie Max Hetzler 6-8pm: What does this exhibition have to say? Big words and phrases are part of this exhibition. 
  • Reingold: Time for some refreshment!
  •  Larusson & Pysczek – Your History Is Not Our History. Dittrich & Schlechtriem 6-8pm: Drawings, paintings and photos with their own background and story!
  •  AGGTELEK – The Speaker. Exile 7-10pm: Video art to inspire or hypnotize?
  • Jolesch: Its time to dine Austrian style!