Weekend Opening Tour 29th-31st March

Time for some more Opening Parties!

Openings Friday 30th:

  • Autocenter Astali/Peirce “Seams” 8pm
    Artworks to make you burst at the seams!
  • Daimler Contemporary Group Exhibition – “Minimalism in Germany. The Sixties II” 7pm
    Don’t worry you won’t find  flower power and hippie love at this 60s exhibition of minimalist art!
  • Galerie Sandmann Natalia Turnova – “Essentials” 8pm
    It is essential that you attend at least one opening this weekend! Why not check out the bright coloured portraits painted by Turnova?
  • Scotty Enterprises Bettina Weiß – “tropic aspen” – 7pm
    Add a bit of colour to your evening with Wieß’ tropical works!

  • Stedefreund Anja Majer, Rebecca Michaelis, Arne Schreiber – difference a bend 7pm
    Great gallery near to great places to eat…try the punky pizzeria “I Due Forne” !
Saturday 31th:
  • Alexander Levy Group Exhibition  – 6pm – 9pm
    Very varied artists come together for this exhibition! Excited about Marius Glauer’s glass art? So are we!
  • Sammlung Haubrok Group Exhibition – “my.LA” 7pm-9pm
    Never been to L.A? Me either! Get lots of perspectives on what it’s like from the artists in this group exhibition!
  • Uqbar Anna Baumgart – “The Conquerors of the Sun” 7pm 
    Let yourself be transported back in time on a revolutionary propaganda train by this video work!