Weekend Opening Tour 22nd-24th March

Thursday 22nd:
  • Arndt Gilbert & George – “London Pictures” 3pm-6pm
    Breaking News: London through the eyes of Gilbert and George, inspired by the press. The artists will be attending! 

Friday 23rd:

Check out the galleries on our map and follow the Friday 23rd March Opening Tour

  • Christian Ehrentraut Franziska Holstein – “kombi” 5pm-9pm 
    The rules of art are evident in Holstein’s geometric paintings.

    refuelling place nearby:
    Espresso-Ambulanz Caffé-Bar

  • Dittrich Schlechtriem Joy Kristin Kalu – “Open As Smart Object” 6pm-8pm
    Words based art – what is this exhibition telling you? 
  • General Public Ivan Seal, Henrick Strömberg – “Komplexraum” 7pm  
    Seal has been raiding his grandparents house! Complex and constructed memories arise from the objects at this exhibition. 
  • Galerie Crone Hanne Darboven and Channa Horwitz, Pierre Clerk 6pm-9pm
    Do you remember your times tables? Darboven’s tables of numbers might remind you of your past maths lessons while Horwitz’s crazy detailed patterns might leave your head spinning! Strong, bright and loud piantings of Clerk ! Simple shapes and colours become more complex.
  • Johann König Annette Kelm 6pm-9pm 
    How does Kelm see the world? Find out in her photograhy.
  • Luis Campaña Matthieu Ronsse – “Alles wechselt” 7pm-9pm
    Everything changes – expect the unexpected from these paintings.
  • Schinkel Pavillon Anselm  Reyle and Franz West “Stolen Fantasy” 7pm-10pm 
    Let this exhibition fulfil your colourful and crazy fantasies. 
Saturday 24th:
See which art spaces are nearby and check our Saturday 24th March Opening Tour

  • Exile Stuart Brisley 7pm-10pm
    British landscapes explore the landscape genre in Brisley’s paintings.
  • Kienzle Art Foundation Frank Maier, Achim Sakic – “Related Structures” 7pm-9pm
    What do horses and shelves have in common? Freaky detail in the pencil works of Sakic!

    tasty place next door:
    Good Friends restaurant

  • Kwadrat Jennifer Oellerich – “Noctilucent Clouds” 5pm-10pm
    The clouds are slowly giving way to the blue skies – but don’t worry you can still see some in Oellerich’s works!
  • Tanas – Raum für zeitgenössische türkische Kunst Vahap Avsar – “iBerlin” 4pm-8pm 
    Learn more about contemporary Turkish art and society in the films, installations and videos of Avsar.