Weekend Opening Tour 1st – 3rd March

Thursday 1st  

  • General Public Group Exhibition – “KonterFrei – zum Portrait heute” 7pm
    What does our world look like? A whole variety of artists give their opinion of our times through their work.
  • Künstlerhaus Bethanien Group Exhibition 7-10pm 
    Lets mix it up! Different artists, different styles… something for everyone.
 Friday 2nd

  • C/O Berlin Arnold Newman -“Masterclass” 7pm 
    From Pablo Picasso to Marilyn Munroe see the worlds cultural icons in Newman’s photographic portraits!
    Peikwen Cheng / Eileen Seifert – “Talents 26 . Lost And Found” 7pm 
    Black and white dreams or black and white reality? These Photographs seem to be out of this world!
  • Johnen Galerie Candida Höfer “Neues Museum Berlin” 7pm – 9pm
    Höfer captures the Neues Meuseum in large-scale photographs
    Raimer Jochims 7pm – 9pm
    Sculptures focusing on colour in a minimalist way. 
  • Krobath  Katrina Daschner 6pm
    Explore a saucy side of art based on burlesque.
  • Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien Hironori Murai – “Invitation to a Picnic “
    Paper balloons from a picnic in a park send a thought provoking message.
  • Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien / Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst
    Group Exhibition  “In anderen Worten” 7pm
    Art exploring language…what does this exhibition have to say? Performance at 10.30pm
  • E105 Wolfgang Ellenrieder – “Der elastische Knall” 6pm – 10pm
    The elastic bang? Let’s find out what this is all about. 
Saturday 3rd 

  • Galerie Zwinger Arranged by Hans-Jürgen Hafner & Gunter Reski “The Happy Fainting of Painting” 7pm – 9pm
    Individual paintings exploring individual approaches.
  • Isabella Bortolozzi Carla Accardi, Seth Price, Nora Schultz – “Hints and Gleams” 6pm – 9pm
    Paintings, sculptures and media art, an exhibition as varied as the times in which they were created from the ‘60s to today.
  • Capitain Petzel Christiana Soulou  6pm – 8.30pm
     Let’s tolerate conceptual art tonight! 

  • Mehdi Chouakri  Gerold Miller – “Set” 6pm – 9pm
    Square but not boring! 


  • Galerie Zink German Stegmaier 6pm – 9pm 
    Veron Urdarianu – Fallen out of Time 
     6pm – 9pm 
    Galerie Zink has a soft spot for paintings in soft tones!