Weekend Opening Tour 15th-17th March

Thursday 15th:

  • Archtitektur Galerie Berlin AllesWirdGut – “Weg Schauen” 7pm
    Let’s explore the art of buildings.
  • Galerie Hiltawsky Frank Horvat – “A Trip Through A Mind (The iPad Exhibition)” 7pm
    How does a photography exhibition happen on an ipad?
  • Haus der Kulturen der Welt Group Exhibition – “Animismus” 7pm
    A modern take on animism in these animations.
  • Lumas Kurfürstendamm Group Exhibition – “Flower Power” 7pm-9pm
    Embrace your inner hippie with these images of flowers from different artists. 

    Fancy place nearby:
    Cassambalis restaurant and gallery in one

Friday 16th:

  • Autocenter Marlie Mul – “Stop Being So Attractice I Can’t Get Anything Done” 8pm
    Marlie Mul did get something done..check out the works of this varied artist with an attitude.
  • Galerie Michael Haas Miró 7pm-9pm

    Works from the famous surrealist artist from 1934 right up to just before his death.


  • Galerie Thomas Schulte
    – Jonathan Lasker – “The 80s” 
      See if this exhibition jogs your memory with its paintings. 
    – Peter Rogiers – “Corner Space” 7pm-9pm
      What is in the corner space of the gallery? Peter Rogiers sculptures! 
    – Michael Somoroff – “Window Space”
      3 openings in one gallery! 


  • Gestalten Jörg Brüggemann – “Metalheads” 6pm-8pm
    Badass photography uniting the worlds metalheads!
  • PSM Daniel Jackson – “Belly up” 6pm
    Will these paintings and sculptures leave you belly up?
  • Wentrup Florian Meisenberg – “Magic Moments of homeopathy vol 2 (the drama of creative man)” 6pm-9pm
    That time old question “what is art?” is addressed! 
Saturday 17th:
  • C/O Berlin Bruce Davidson – “Subway” 7pm
    Urban photography showing life in 1980’s new york!
  • Esther Schipper Christopher Roth – “Roth” 6pm-9pm
    This cool gallery is showing the works of the American artist Roth and is right on the river spree!
  • Galerie Eigen + Art Martin Eder – “Asymmetry” 5pm-9pm
     Intrigued by the multi coloured posterior advertisting the exhibition? – So are we!
  • Galerie Neu Group Exhibition – “Relocated” 12am-6pm
    Group exhibition in the middle of the trendy area of Kreuzberg…who knows what to expect! 
  • Galerie Michael Janssen Group Exhibition “Unknown (Paintings)” 6pm-9pm
     Get to know the unkown!
  • Krome Gallery Group Exhibition – “PPP” 6pm-9pm
    Exploring sculpture.
  • Peres Projects Dorothy Iannone – “Sunny Days And Sweetness” 6pm-9pm
    Bright colours, scenes of a sexual nature, and lots of “sweetness”!