Weekend Opening Tour 12th-14th April

Thursday 12th April:

See which art spaces are nearby and check our Thursday 12th Opening Tour

  • Galerie Cinzia Friedlaender Matthias Schaufler – “Imkerin” 7pm-9.30pm
    Time for a tongue-teaser? Collections of colours craftily create comprehensible images!
  • Grimmuseum Group Exhibition – X O 7pm
    See what your blind spot won’t let you view! No hugs and kisses in sight!
  • Künstlerhaus Bethanien
    -Group Exhibition – “BERLIN.STATUS (1)” 7pm-10pm
    A huge number of well and lesser known artists come together under the idea of doubt…let’s hope it’s not as negative as the theme.
    -Stine Marie Jacobsen – “Direct Approach” 7pm-10pm
    Everything feeling a bit tame at the moment? Check out Stine Marie Jacobsen’s violent side in her video, performance and text works. 
Friday 13th April:
  • Galerie oqbo Seraphina Lenz -“Skizze und Salon” 7pm
    Exploring the unfinished and temporary through sculpture. 


Saturday 14th April:

Check out the galleries on our map and follow the Saturday 14th Opening Tour

  • Schmallfuss Galerie Christiane Erdmann, Wulf Winckelmann – “Menschen, Tieren, weite Welten” 11am-4pm
    Get away from the city and dive into the world of the natural.

    tasty + artistic place nearby:
    Cassambalis restaurant

  • Kunsthalle m3 Group Exhibition – “Pyrate Realations” 6pm-10pm
    Be tha’ an exhibition ‘bout Pyrates? Shiver me timbers!
  • Sandy Brown Anne de Vries – “Trails of the Hive Mind” 7pm 
    Firstly, what is a hive mind? Secondly, how can it leave a trail? Want to find out more? Yes!