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  • Galerie Guido W. Baudach Wedding André Butzer 
    Large-format painting! Black formations surrounded by an extremely bright, shimmering field of colour are waiting.
  • Uqbar Romana Schmalisch – “Dom Kino”
    Vertical movement between different, superimposed forms of models with film projections in several directions. London’s tube might rush next to you!
  • Galerie oqbo Group Exhibition – “oqbo exchange >dok25a Düsseldorf”
    Non-commercial works of Düsseldorf artists can be seen at the Brunnenstraße.
  • Brunnen64 Dorothea Bringmann – “(W)ON(D)E(R)-WOMAN-SHOW” 
    What characterizes a man, a woman?  Is this the answer shown by Barbie dolls?


  • Galerie Max Hetzler Monica Bonvicini
    Metal chains, leather straps and harnesses are used in S/M sculptures. Fetish Feminism
  • Prima Center Berlin Slavco Spirovski – “Pre/packet/ing Vx thru V1 – (…)”
    What’s the relation between the space and the sculpture, as inseparable entities? Slavcho Spirovski’s work shows you.
  • Galerie Wedding Pantelis Sabaliotis – “Metamorphosen” 
    Lots to discover: Gold, feathers, mysterious symbols & ancient royal greek honey bees? Make up your own mind..