Watch The Wine, Santa!

Let’s say the world doesn’t end on Friday, December 21st 2012 – despite the abrupt termination of the Mayan Calendar, or the delirious utterances of overly-superstitious, Mayan-Calender-toting people (some of which are selling all of their belongings as we speak – or at least waiting to buy Christmas presents until the 22nd). Let’s say the art world will keep on survivin’ and chugging forward, despite these fears and apprehensions. Let’s say we’re right. NYC-Artparasites has good news for you – the NYC art world will continue to persevere this weekend, no matter what happens, and we have all of the best art events listed for you! From various holiday parties to art fundraisers and creepy Christmas exhibitions, this weekend is sure to be a blast! 

Thursday, December 20th 2012


Fuchs Projects – Holiday Party & Photography Exhibition – 6pm-11pm

Fuchs Projects invites art lovers to unite and celebrate the end of the year at their gallery space in Bushwick. Photography artworks from some of the best talents in the ocal Bushwick neighborhood will be on display, including works by Phil Knott, Worm Carnevale, Miguel Libarnes, Justin Bettman, Rafael Fuchs, Lily Ahn, Augustin Doublet, Thomas H. Smith III, Katarina Hybenova and Petros Chrisostomou. Affordable prints and photography art books will also be featured – so drink a few, peruse the artwork, enjoy the sweet beats by Bushwick’s own Tomeoo, and meet other art enthusiasts in Bushwick!

Studio 10 – The Holiday Show: Matt Freedman and Mike Ballou -7pm-9pm

Just right down the hall from Fuchs Projects, you’ll find another holiday party with delightful and thought-provoking artwork. Studio10 presents “The Holiday Show,” a 10 day exhibition of work by Mike Ballou and Matt Freedman. According to the creative minds behind Studio 10, visitors will be in for a treat as “at this, the darkest time of year, Studio10 has undergone a transformation to become a holiday grotto illuminated only by the silver half-light of stars on glittering treasure boxes. Creatures of questionable birth wander over the snow drifted floors and mysterious mumblings and squeaks come from all corners. Sharpen your senses. You tread on dreams.” Need we say more? Get your holiday fix in Bushwick!


Churner and Churner – Nils Karsten – Suburbia Hamburg 1983 – 6pm-8pm

Are you ready for a German holiday treat? Churner and Churner presents the first solo show of German artist Nils Karsten at the gallery. Woodcuts, collages, and paintings of artist Nils Karsten under the auspices of “Suburbia Hamburg 1983,” will represent his youth in the punk and postpunk movements in Hamburg, Germany. Woodcut prints of album covers and historic typewritten moments from the punk and postpunk movements will be on display. 


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Friday, December 21st 2012


BOO-HOORAY – “Barbara Rubin Christmas on Earth” Exhibition – 11am-6pm

Hung over from the Christmas wine from the Thursday night holiday art parties? Take it slow in the afternoon (while continuing to bask in the holiday spirit all over the city, of course) by visiting this exhibition that is sure to give you a different side of holiday cheer with an exhibition of still images and ephemera relating to Barbara Rubin’s landmark 1963 underground film Christmas on Earth, which deals with genital worshipping. Alright, then. Enjoy!

White Box– 100X John: A Global Salute to John Cage in Sound and Collage – 7pm-10pm

Assuming the world does not end on the 21st of December 2012, then you are in for quite a treat. White Box presents an art salute to John Cage with various performances and exhibitions that will last all weekend. Starting on Thursday, the 20th December 2012, the event will last through Sunday December 23rd 2012. In particular, for a relaxed evening (to ease tensions, fears, apphrension of a successful Mayan prophesy), we’d recommend the Friday program with its Cagean Mix #2 of soothing sounds and images from Antartica to the Hudson River. The evening will feature performances by David Rothenberg, Joseph Kubera and Garth Paine.


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Saturday, December 22nd 2012


TDR Gallery – Adrian Mesko’s “Sandy Saves” Fundraiser and Exhibition – 12pm-6pm

Photographer Adrian Mesko is holding an exhibition and fundraiser called “Sandy Saves” to raise consciousness of the damage and hardships that still persevere as a result of Hurricane Sandy, particularly in the Rockaways area of NYC. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go to the rebuilding efforts in the Rockaways. This fundraiser ends on Sunday, so be sure to check it out while you can and find out how to get involved. 


P! “Possibility 02: Growth” Exhibition Closing- 6-8pm

The second exhibition at P!, Possibility 02: Growth, has been unfolding over the seven weeks that it has been on view as it accumulates works by different participants. “A microcosm for the outpacing rhythm of urban development, the arrival of each new work dislodges the previous ones and redefines the space. This serialized installation and re-configuration activates a scarce resource — space itself — allowing the works to function as distinct and potentially oppositional bodies, each filling the architectural volume in turn.” Sounds quite intriguing! We urge you to get an impression of this unchecked expansionism of art and see the artwork for yourself!


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