Wack Attack: NYC’s Best Weekend Art Events

An opportunity to smooch (or at least glimpse) the art world’s Rodney Dangerfield? An exhibition of over 1000 works on a beautiful New York Pier. That’s right folks, we’ve got your whole weekend planned. Time to take a peek!

Thursday May 9, 2013

The Metropolitan Pavilion – Pulse New York – 12-8pm

Before Frieze even gets under way, you can enjoy a little anti-Frieze. Dedicated to oversized performances, installations, and sculptures, Pulse is a bit cheaper than this weekend’s other major art fair, and promises immersive works of the crowd-pleasing sort. Begins on Friday and runs through Sunday.

Gagosian Gallery – Jeff Koons opening – 6-8pm

Jeff Koons: The Rodney Dangerfield of the art world? Despite being perhaps the most successful working American artist today, Koons just can’t get no respect (at least according to New York magazine). So perhaps he’ll be extra appreciative when you sidle up to him at this opening of his new paintings at sculpture, stroking his arm and cooing sweet nothings into his ear, you creep. Then again, maybe you should hold back and just enjoy the artwork created by the 21st century’s pop art maestro.

Friday May 10, 2013

Randall's Island – Frieze Art Fair – 11am-7pm

Though recently struck by an itsy bitsy little polka dot bikini’s worth of controversy about its hiring practices, the Frieze Art Fair is generally known where its known as the truffle soup of art fairs: high class and delicious. The atmosphere is tasteful, the art choice liberal and a bit less cattle-herdy than what you find in some other art fairs. The ticket sell for a cool $42 bucks a day, but there are student discounts and invisibility cloaks for a reason, after all.

The Boiler – “seven @ SEVEN” opening – 6-9pm

Seven @ SEVEN has operated for the past two years as an itinerant exhibiting space, a collection of seven NYC and London-based galleries who team up regularly to show work from their represented artists in carefully curated exhibitions in ever-shifting locales. For their second New York exhibition, they present at Pierogi’s large, raw Boiler space. With work from artists including David Diao, Bruce Pearson and Mamie Holst, this is a don’t-miss show.

Open Source – “Utopians Dance” opening – 7-9pm

The centerpiece of Andrea Ray’s new exhibition is a sound installation with “hanging lights, music and spoken word.” Elsewhere, you’ll find a reading room space, and further investigations of sound and light. Known for her immersive incorporations of space into her work, this should satisfy the hallucinatory tastes this weekend.

Saturday May 11, 2013

David Kesting –  Ricky Powell NYC 1985 – Bushwick 2013 – 7-10pm

Is Bushwick the Downtown of 2013? That’s the premise for––or at least the central question of––this photo exhibition of the work of photographer Ricky Powell, a long-time chronicler of New York’s arts and culture scene. Beginning with an ‘85 portrait of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, and ranging all the way into portraits from today, Powell’s work provides a textured and sometimes melancholy snapshot of the changing cultural fabric of this city.

Interstate Projects – Anna K.E. “I Suppose My Doctor Is Dead” Opening – 7-10pm

Part installation, part video, part projection piece, Anna K.E.’s “Doctor” begins with viewers entering the exhibition on a stage, then moving further into the space to explore. The press materials for “Doctor” begin: “A design for a four-post bed for the most comfortable sleep? Or a guillotine for the eternal nap?” No idea what that means! But sign me right on up.

Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition – “Wide Open 4” and “On The Waterfront Zone A” openings – 3pm opening ceremony

The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition had to postpone their annual “Wide Open” festival because of Hurricane Sandy. Delayed but never deterred, the Coalition here presents a twofer: “Wide Open” and “On The Waterfront Zone A,” their annual pier show. Together, the shows feature over 1000 works from 200 artists. The quality’s sure to be hit-or-miss, but the pier setting couldn’t be better for a spring weekend.