Visions From The Inside

Visions from the inside 2

“Visions from the Inside” illustrates the courageous stories of detained migrants at the Karnes Detention Center in Karnes County, Texas. These visual art interpretations created by a diverse line­up of 15 visual artists from across the United States will highlight the realities that migrants are experiencing inside of detention facilities, what led them to migrate away from their home countries, and the resiliency of the human spirit.

Participating artists include Breena Nuñez (NY), Dolly Li (CA), Favianna Rodriguez (CA), Fidencio Martinez (IA), Gabrielle Tesfaye (NY), Jess X Chen (CA), Julio Salgado (CA), Mata Ruda (NY), Micah Bazant (CA), Robert Trujillo (CA) and many more.

CultureStrike contacted 15 artists and shared an individual letter with them. Each illustration is a collaborative effort between the artist and the individual in detention. Throughout the project artists received feedback from some of the authors of these letters, via their attorneys, in order to ensure that the illustrations stayed true to their stories.