Vandals and Hooligans?

Even though Berlin remains much more tolerant to graffiti and street art, the criticism and general lack of understanding still persists. Graffiti is still known as an act of vandalism with legal ramifications for those caught participating in it. However, what most don’t know is that graffiti has actually existed for 40,000 years and has been integral in historians documentation of the lives of the common men – the inspiration for VAGE’s first edition of their monthly pop-up exhibition at the WYE, “Graffito: The Voice of the Common Man.”


Street Art by Australian artist Irkles Hands aka Dead Wait                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The exhibiting artists include Dead Wait, Plotbot, ALANIZ, Talissa Mehringer, ELFRIEDES, Sonia, DEVI, RallitoX, and MOHAK. The idea was for these modern street artists to create modern interpretations of ancient graffiti which inspires them, for example, Australian artist Dead Wait will show work inspired by the first recorded instance of slander against Christianity, in particular, the image of Jesus Christ on the cross. Although we no longer live in a society where making such a strong political statement could result in public execution, graffiti still remains an important platform for self-expression and freedom of speech. 

The brilliant minds at VAGE conceived the idea for this first-ever pop-up exhibition following the success of their weekly art and music night, Turbo Tuesday at f.u.c. Bar. We can’t wait to see what is in store for us this Thursday and what the girls have up their sleeve for the months ahead. So come down to the WYE this Thursday the craziness begins at 7pm!

  • The WYE VAGE Presents: “Graffito: The Voice of the Common Man” Thursday October 11th 2012: 7pm

Article by Kirsten Hall