Urban Art Lives On

As Berlin Art Week creeps closer, those who love the vibrancy of this city’s urban landscape and all its quirks cannot miss the world’s only Urban Art Fair! Taking place between September 13th and 16th at Postbahnhof, one of Berlin’s most impressive locations, this event is set to be fresh, cool and unmissable within the alternative culture scene. Turning away from the usual form of exhibitions and art shows,

Stroke promises to be interactive and dynamic, with international artists sharing their techniques and producing out-of-the-ordinary artwork live at the endless opening party at KaterHolzig.

More than just an art fair, Stroke has teamed up with over 30 participants, including Lake, Chimera-Project, Monsta and many others.The array of artists involved spans the globe and represents the next generation of most-talked-about people in contemporary art. There will be nothing stuffy, boring or even vaguely normal about Stroke Urban Art Fair. Completely booked out and eagerly awaited, Postbahnhof will be alive with excitement and discovery, as names such as Morten Andersen (Denmark) and Fin DAC (London) will be presenting brand new works. With an entrance fee suited to the “poor but sexy” Berlin crowd, there is really no excuse not to be involved in the insanity of the fast-paced world of urban art.

Urban Art Globalized

Just when we thought it was all getting too much and a well-deserved break was in order, Stroke decided an overwhelming list of artists, including Belin (Spain) and Klone (Israel), was just not quite enough. So there’s more.  Artists from Poland, Denmark and Germany are transforming four Citroën DS3cars into magnificent artworks – but not just to be seen. To be driven. Joyride tours, taking in the unbelievable street art that Kreuzberg and 

Friedrichshain have to offer, are available free to every visitor!  And they didn’t stop there. The Polish artists behind the Etam Cru will be dragging us into their captivating concept as they create a complete room inspired by Anime. Prepare to be mesmerized.

The Spotlight is on Berlin

Don’t forget the urban art scene based in Berlin. Stroke will have that covered and our friends at Skalitzers Contemporary Art are officially opening their new 360sqm space in Friedrichshain. Their opening exhibition will be running during Berlin Art Week and they will also be present at Stroke. Skalitzers will present a selection of works from Skalitzers artists between 2009-2012 and the gallery’s permanent collection, which is being displayed for the first time.

And what was that about a never-ending party? Live music, livepainting, performances,  installations – a night-time version of Stroke at KaterHolzig, a venue too cool to need an introduction.  Artists including Inti (Chile) and Kid Ghe (Mexico) will be doing what they do best, right before our eyes, to the soundtrack of live bands and a line-up of DJs to make the ears pop.  Reduced entry with your Stroke ticket, the party starts on 13th September and just keeps going.

Also, we are giving away one more guest list spot for Stroke Urban Art Fair – join the event here, and this evening we will pick our final winner!

  • Postbahnhof Stroke Urban Art Fair, September 13th-16th 2012: Thursday 13th 7pm-12pm, Friday-Sunday 1pm-11:30pm. 10€, student ticket 8€ on Friday 14th, under 16 years old free.
  • Opening party at KaterHolzig, Thursday 13th 10pm-open end, 10€ entry, 7€ with Stroke ticket.

Article written by Colleen O’Brien