Urban Art: Breaking the Silence

The group art exhibition ‘Silence is a lie’ at SEZ promises to be LOUD! Artists from all corners of the world (including Germany, Italy, Serbia, USA, Brazil,Mexico, Australia, Thailand and many others) will expose their street artwork in an exhibition space that has more than 1000 square meters. Catch this event if you can!
The Urge of Being Heard

Urban art always has been about making noise. When people started to transform the walls of their cities into canvas, they had problems with being understood. Many considered it as vandalism. It wasn’t easy for them to be recognized as artists. But times have changed now and the status of street art is completely different. Metropolises like Sao Paulo or Berlin are proud of their urban artists, which sometimes even receive support from the government. Even the famous Banksy, who once had problems with the law, now has his artwork protected by the city council of Bristol.

Making Noise in Confined Spaces

When urban art leaves the street to invade the galleries, it’s hard not to think about a loss of context. This exhibition will be hosted in a closed gallery. A former historic building from the GDR was chosen to be transformed into an open gallery. Different from conventional street art, that has always been about transgression, this is a very polite attempt of breaking the silence. Isn’t it the same as lighting up an electric torch and putting it inside a box?

  • SEZ – ”Silence is a Lie” Opening: June 28th at 19.00. Landsberger Allee 77