Unknown Voyage

Get ready Artparasites! There’s so much going on in Berlin this weekend with openings, performances, and the Long Night of Museums on Saturday night.  We’ve got a festival of unknown artists, the all important question of man’s life and death, and a surprise piece by artist Wael Shawky! We’ve also got a hot tip for you about the newest cross-dressing rap-sensation! Are you ready for your voyage into the unknown? Well, kick back, relax, and enjoy our guide to the best weekend openings and art events!

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien Performance + Talk (in German)

The Echo – Although I am Still Alive – 6pm

If you’re interested in Japanese culture and art (and you speak German) this event could be for you. As part of an ongoing exhibition “The Echo – Although I am Still Alive”, a performance by artist Takehito Koganezawa will be followed by two talks. One will be on contemporary Japanese Art in the context of Art History and the other, Understanding a new generation of Japanese art. It’s a healthy mix of art and theory. Enjoy!

Forum Factory Berlin The Unknown Festival – 8pm

The Unknown Festival kicks off this Thursday night with an opening party, DJ set, and live act. The festival wants to give artists a public forum to show their work away from a commercial setting. There will be tons of music, lots of art, workshops, fashion, food and drinks.

Urban Spree Gallery Klone NEW LAND. we need new land – 7pm

Israeli artist Klone has his first solo show in Berlin! Klone began as a graffiti artist in the late 90s in Tel Aviv but has developed his work into not only graffiti but drawings, watercolors and collages. We’re promised mythology and multiplication as well as Klone’s most ambitious paper installation ever!

Kim Bar One Night Stand with Claire Côté – 8pm (performance at 10pm)

The latest installment of Kim Bar’s One Night Stand brings Claire Côté to the stage. Côté will be doing a dance performance accompanied by Lolita Terrorist Sounds.

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Friday, August 24th, 2012

Marquee Bar and Art Space Trapdoor Collective – 8pm

Entrapment and escape are the themes of this digital performance installation and photography show. Six international artists bring you their interpretations. What will they give us, romance, fetish, horror? There’s only one way to find out!

Prince Charles Concert Mykki Blanco – 11pm (price TBA)

Enjoy a bit of dress up? Well rapper Mykki Blanco has created an identity around a bit of dressing up. This drag star rap-phenomenon is still relatively unknown on the scene.  Mykki’s playing 3 shows is Berlin over the next 3 weeks and you can expect a great show. Awesome outfits, sick rhymes, and skillful beats await you. If this isn’t performance art, who knows what is?

Contemporary Fine Arts Peter Böhnisch  6pm – 8pm

Riding the line between abstract and figurative, Peter Böhnisch’s new exhibition is sure to capture your attention with drawings and paintings that are both playful and imaginative. 

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Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Gallery Deadfly Life is Beautiful – 6pm

We’ve seen the epic saga of a man’s life depicted in popular films – Benjamin Button, Forest Gump, etc. many times. Now Gallery Deadfly takes up this ambitious form of portraiture in it’s new show “Life is Beautiful”. Photography, painting, and video are just some of the forms these artists use to investigate the various stages of man’s life.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art El Araba El Madfuna Wael Shawky 5pm-10pm

Wael Shawky is a hot artist at the moment. His work ranges from video and performance to photography and installation. He deals with themes such as religion, culture and history. You may have seen his two videos of marionettes telling historical stories from the Middle East at Documenta 13. In this new show at KW Berlin, Shawky has created a new, large-scale work.  This is well worth a visit.

Galerie Son Landscapes from Pyongyang – 6pm-2am

This short exhibition will be opening Saturday night as an official part of the Long Night of Museums. Expect luscious landscapes and eerie expanses in paint. But remember, this is an official part of the Long Night program so you will need a ticket.

Ori Bar Elisabeth Goerner Death isn’t Funny Anymore – 8pm

Using images of death masks, erotic skeletons, and voodoo dolls are just some of the ways in which Elisabeth Goerner explores themes of death, morbidity, and the grotesque. Her paintings sound scary, but this confrontation with the unpleasant can lead to strength, and we expect a strong show out of her.

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