UnFINNISHed Business

Postmodern and experimental art is typically thought of coming from the usual suspects: France, Germany, Italy, the United States and countries of the former Soviet bloc; however, one might never consider Finland to be brimming with such beautifully vibrant art that flirts so closely with the avant garde. New York City at long last celebrates the arts and culture of a country that is virtually unknown to the rest of the world.


The Migration Patterns of Art

The Armory Show, which runs through March 10th at Piers 92 and 94 on the west side, is a perfect introduction to several Finnish artists as well as a veritable host of international talent. Be sure to stop by the booths for both Galerie Anhava and Galerie Forsblom to check out work from some of Finland’s hottest contemporary artists. Marko Vuokola, who seems to originate out of Finland’s more traditional scene rooted in elemental representations of art and color, will stun you with the magnanimity and combination of simplex constructs that allude to more than its cursory subject matter; meanwhile the works of Jani Ruscica begin to blur the line between performance art, spectacle and installation, leaving you forever intrigued and enthralled.


Additionally, Scandinavia House will be running an exciting new exhibit showcasing works from nine different contemporary Finnish photographers. “New Wave Finland,” featured in both The New Yorker and New York Magazine this month, promises to be full of captivating visuals of Nordic landscape and beauty, along with abstract definitions of reality, space and immateriality.


Fond of Finland

The Finnish ability to influence seems to be predicated on a tradition of being influenced; therefore, their art scene is somewhat derivative but uniquely intertwined with a culture of minimalism and expert conceptualism. Consequently, their artists seem to cling to newer media that lend itself to thought-provoking and experimental ideas of communication while still malleable enough to insert their own socio-cultural implications.


With a strong emphasis on new media, Finnish art has propelled itself into the modern art world via technology and the digitization of modern art. And New York is but one of many popular art markets that is starting to favor Finnish artists. Marko Vuokola, Jani Ruscica, Matti Kurki, and the late Jouko Lehtola are just a few in the ever-growing sea of Finnish artists that are penetrating international art circles everywhere.


  • The Armory Show – 7 West 34th St. – March 7, 2013 – March 10, 2013– Thursday – Sunday: 12PM – 7PM [General Admission: $30;Students: $10]


  • Scandinavia House – 58 Park Ave. – “New Wave Finland” – Through April 6, 2013 – Tuesday – Saturday: 12PM – 6PM [NYAPS estimates $5,000+]

Article written by Eric Rydin