Turn Up The Holiday Cheer This Weekend In Berlin!

Dear Berlin Winter, no offense but I hate you. You're always giving the cold shoulder and your fashion palette (gray and blue tones) is wack. The only thing that makes you bearable is the holiday cheer and amazing art exhibitions that go up around this time of the year to fight your dense vibe:

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Spanienkultur – "Spanische Illustratoren. Die Farbe des Optimismus" Opening – 6pm

Repeat after me: "sala de exposiciones." Translation: showroom. Okay, that's a wrap for today's Spanish lesson. Now go practice what you've learned at the new sala de exposiciones in the Spanish Embassy, which this exhibition commemorates. "The Color of Optimism" is the subtitle of this group show by Spanish illustrators – if the winter got you feeling blue, this event will warm your color palette!

Mrs. T – “Pop-Up Gallery Christmas Party!” – 6pm

​It’s their five month anniversary, go show Pop-Up Gallery some holiday luvin. Don’t worry; they’ll reciprocate well with their “home made Christmas love juice.” They’re asking that everyone bring a small wrapped present (no more than €5) for the Christmas tree ­ ­– the Secret Santa will take care of distribution at 9pm. And of course, there’ll be plenty of artwork from the gallery's favorite artists!

Urban Art Gallery Berlin-Mitte – “Planet Oibel” Opening – 7pm

This is the first solo show for this aspiring street artist who has already made a name for himself as an MC in Switzerland.  Live painting: check, live transfer print: check, music: DJ Dejoe spinning. Fortunately, there’s also a trailer of the exhibition– yes, like a movie – to further tease you. We've already booked the night after seeing the colorful work (a nice anti-depressant to these cold winter hues). 

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien – “Backjumps Christmas Special 2013” – 7pm

The year: 2013, the day: Friday the 13th, the exhibitors: 13 Berlin artists. Coincidence? Yep. Backjumps – the magazine and exhibition project concerned with urban communication and aesthetics – is back after a year in hiatus with this Christmas-themed exhibition. This cooperation with Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien is meant to provide a little taste of what's to come in 2014, when Backjumps will celebrate their 20 year anniversary. Images created in tandem with installation and video work is what's in the mix – don't miss it!

Woeske Gallery – “Start Spreading The  News” Opening – 7pm

Six artists from The New York Academy of Art’s graduating class of 2013 are leaving Berlin, but not without a bang. Come see the paintings and sculptures that Sam Detch, Megan Ewert, Justine Fisher, Daniela Kovacic, Amanda Scuglia and Yunsung Jang have been rigorously working on for the past few years under the Academy’s umbrella. We’ve seen the artwork that’ll be exhibited and boy-oh-boy are you in for a treat of craft & skill!

Böhmischestr. 9 – “Meatgrinders” Opening/Party – 7pm

The proudly weird Meatgrinders crew bring together yet another dream factory. Screen prints, shirts, patches, illustrations and, according to co-host Scallywag Jak, they will be “ converting Böhmischestr 9 into a gallery and forcing the occupants to work behind the bar and serve you delicious shots.” Oh yea, this party is full of Christmas *spirits if you catch my drift.

Saturday & Sunday, December 14-15th, 2013

Werkstatttraum e.V. – “Creepy Christmas Market” – 12pm

​Friday the 13th was yesterday but let’s keep the heebie-jeebies up with this “creepy” Christmas market. On display – and up for grabs – will be not just any paintings, illustrations, photographs, accessories, graphic cards, and porcelain, but the creepy kind! Come get your freak on.

Hoppla Charlotte – “Hoppla Charlotte & Friends Christmas Special” Art Market/Open house – 12pm

What do you get when you cross an open house and a Christmas market featuring art, food, photographs, and sustainable products by Berlin-based artists and designers? I think you know the answer. But don’t take it from me, take it from Co-host Vanessa from VAGE that tells us “We are doing this to connect Berlin Artists with the community of Lichtenberg (Yes, I'm hyping Lichtenberg!) and also to raise awareness of the space which will become a sustainable clothing design store in the new year. It will be a fun open house/Christmas celebration with lots of Glühwein, a film screening, a book swap, and Feuerzangen-Bowle!"

Oh Calcutta – “Red Nose Samurai Santa” Art Market/Party – 2pm

What do you get when you cross Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer with Santa Claus AND a samurai? I think you know the answer. This Christmas design + art market is not for the faint of art. More than a dozen international artists are emptying their studios for this clusterfunk of paintings, fashion, fabric objects, drawings, accessories, Japanese paper products, ceramics, jewelry, scarves, and even an Onigiri vending machine! But don’t expect Christmas carols, this is an electro-live drums type of gig 😉

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