TODAY: Summer pARTy in Kreuzberg

Kunstquartier Bethanien, an arty quarter of studios and exhibition spaces in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, is opening its doors for you today and at the same time its music school celebrates its summer fest! Even if the weather is less than warm you can get in the mood for summer with this hot event!

The Kunstquartier Bethanien, comprises of a number of studios and art spaces. Amongst other shows on view, in the first Project Room there will be the exhibition “CITYSCAPES” by “Urban spaces Berlin Budapest” which explores the structured world around us, whilst Studio 1 will be showing works of Misha Bolourie which concentrate on recent events in Syria.

There is literally something for everyone with music ranging from jazz to pop and lasting long into the night and if you are a film lover, you will be interested to hear that the open-air cinema will be showing the award winning film about the famous Chinese dissident and artist Ai Wei Wei called “Ai Wei Wei – never sorry” (Entry €7,50) at 9:30pm!

See you there Artparasites!