Today: 30 Artists, 2 Studios

When you go to a gallery you see the works on the walls entirely detached from their creators. Where and how were the pieces made and who by?

Today two locations have opened their studios to the public, both Atelierhaus Sigmaringer 1, and Kulturplus e.V are offering a view into the secret lives of artists!

With thirty artists from both studios, this will be a very varied art event. Photography, sculpture, painting, installation….what other genres can you think of, they will probably be there!

The event will let you discover undiscovered talent and….art is not the only thing on the agenda. There will also be music performances at each location! Expect the Chor im Treppenhaus – Stairway to heaven throughout the day and close the evening with some jazz from Christian von der Goltz and Jan Roder!

Atelierhaus Sigmaringer 1 and Kulturplus e.V “Open Studios” Sun: 12 – 6pm.