To The Person I’ll Date When The Right Time Comes

Painting by Wang Niandong

Painting by Wang Niandong

You should know this: I have never dated anyone before. I have never liked anyone the way I like you now. There’s something different about you – and I like different.

You like the same bands as I do. That’s probably one of the many things I adore about you. We’ll bang our heads to Kurt Cobain singing Territorial Pissings, lose our voices while shouting to the lyrics of Black Hole Sun, and dance to The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie. I love how we both like the same music and how we’re not the typical couple who duets in cheesy mainstream love songs.

I love how you don’t mind me taking photos of you. I like capturing the moment when we’re together. I love seeing your face against the vibrant light of the sun or how your hair looks like against the magenta sunset. I love seeing you smile at me and I like seeing it through my lens. I love how I can only focus on you and everything else will be a big blur. Because that’s what you do, you make the whole world a blur when I’m with you.

I like how we can both be geeks on the different movies and shows we both love. I’m glad I found someone who also thinks that Legolas‘ hair is perfect and that Hagrid‘s pet naming skills suck. I’m glad that I finally found someone who gets my corny Star Wars joke and still thinks I’m beautiful.

You don’t mind being with me in local coffee shops and museums. I love how you also love the smell of coffee and the majestic artworks found in museums. I love how you understand my longing for knowledge and history because you too, crave the lessons of the past.

Don’t expect me to express my 2 am thoughts about life, love, and the universe because most probably, I’m already asleep by then. But if you have some 2 am thoughts that you want to share, go ahead. I’ll listen to you even if it means talking to you until sunrise. I won’t mind because I care for you.

I love having movie dates at home because it means that I can just stay in my pajamas and be lazy with you the whole day. I love how we always have a hard time choosing which movie to watch but we always end up watching Star Wars anyway. We watched all six movies way too many times that we have already memorized each and every line: “I love you” “I know.”

I love it when you sing to me while your fingers gracefully strum your guitar. The sound of your voice awakens the sun as we both wait for it to rise – my head against your chest, feeling your enchanting heartbeat.

The warmth of your hands while caressing my face is one of my favorite things in the world. I’ll trade a million lifetimes just to be able to hold your hand for a second.

Now hurry and let destiny lead you to me. I’ll be here waiting.

Written by Avrie German