To All The Girls Who Are In Love With A Gay Man

All kinds of human illustration by Henrietta Harris

All kinds of human illustration by Henrietta Harris

Whenever I was asked if I ever had a relationship, I answered back with this: “Yes, with a gay man.”

For the past three years, I’ve been getting the same reaction. They stop whatever they’re doing to have their mouth hang half open or give me a cockeyed look. And, as though they were reading from a cue card, their first question is always, “WHY?”

Funny, I know, but my past relationship was not mediocre. I do feel judged at times and I don’t care. It will never be a mistake to love someone for what he is. Nothing more, nothing less.

To all the ladies who are truly, madly, and deeply in love with a gay person: love sees no gender. When wonderful things happen to us, we close our eyes so we can really savor the moment. Same as when we love, we close our eyes and we open our hearts at the same time. Just like any conventional relationship, your case is likely to be successful as well. But take these from someone who’s been there.

Be the bravest you can be. If you’re already strong, be at your strongest. Be the superlative version of yourself. It will never be smooth sailing; you might need to wear a life jacket so you won’t drown when the boat starts sinking. Love to the fullest, but be prepared enough to save yourself. Lastly, be manly enough to receive just half of his heart. Do it for him. Be his best half, as being better will never be good.

Words by polavianka