Tips on Destroying Art

The act of finding PSM gallery was a fine art in itself – nestled in a rugged courtyard next to Straßburger Straße, full of old car parts and rusty doorways, it seemed the most unlikely place to hold a modern art exhibition. By stepping into the gallery I felt as though I were entering another world, a modern warehouse space with silver iridescent paintings and strange looking pieces of material cluttering the floor. The adventure was only just getting started…


I soon realized that these strange looking pieces of material – luckily just before stepping on them – were actually pieces of art in their own right. It consisted of a silver box with a long thin yellow strip hanging off  of it and strewn across the floor, disregarded like waste. Named “Peel,” the piece is supposed to be an abstract depiction of still life – a lemon peel on a plate. 


Capturing Waste and Destruction 


This theme of waste and destruction was more obvious when looking at “unravelled black and silver,” which looked like a ripped curtain that you might see in a haunted mansion. But on closer observation, I realized that it was actually a black and silver canvas that had been ripped and torn apart by the artist. I really liked this idea, and just by looking at the piece, you can feel all of the destructive energy that went into its creation.


I loved that all of the pieces went against the idea that when something is created, it should be perfect; Nathan Peter was making the exact opposite statement – that things are better when they are imperfect. If you want to be inspired to create by destroying and have fun in the process, then PSM Gallery is the place to go! Destruction never looked so good.


  • PSM Nathan Peter “Manifold” June 5th – July 21st, 2012, Tue – Sat: 12 – 6pm (Price Range: 1,500€ – 9,000€) 


Leanne McClean is a guest writer from Urban Optimist