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Time To Show Your Vintage Levi’s A Few Cool New Tricks


You know how cool people are. Cool people will be cool, regardless of decade, fashion trends or other mambo jambo. We received this communiqué in the mail and thought maybe it’s time to bring a fresh twist to the old vintage Levi’s jacket and jeans borrowed indefinitely by my girlfriend and show her how to properly style, remix and revamp them to fit my cool demeanor. Our cool demeanor, I mean. You know what I mean.

Long story short, the Levi’s® brand is launching a new street-style inspired online look book heroing the countless ways to wear Levi’s® 501® jeans. Shot in the form of an endless catwalk of different 501® looks in Berlin, London, Paris and Madrid, the style book features a collective of the next generation of creatives, musicians and fashion influencers.

The new look book shows fans of the brand how the 501® continues to be reinvented, styled and personalised by people around the world and allows them to buy the look directly.

Influencers including bloggers Dandy Diary, Collage Vintage, Nicolas Simoes and Disney Roller Girl, musicians Laura Welsh, Samm Henshaw and Lucas Hamming and creatives including Niran Vinod and fashion design David Delfin showcase their interpretation of the brand’s most iconic product – be it through the original, the new 501® CT (short for customised and tapered), 501® cut off shots or through unique customisation. Do click and watch some helpful tips.

An extension of the ‘We are 501® campaign’, the look book celebrates authentic style through the family of Levi’s® 501® products, and showcases how the brand’s most iconic jeans provide an anchor point to people’s wardrobes and a blank canvas through which they can express their own personality.

Earlier this month, the Levi’s® brand also premiered a three-part documentary film celebrating the 501® and its place in American history.