Time To Get Dolled Up For The Weekend!

Enough; this ratchet weather is no excuse to look likewise. Plus good-looking art looks better surrounded by good-looking people – you know, context. So throw on the best rags you got because we got you the best art events we could find.  Take a look:

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Center for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U) – Residents' Presentations – 6pm

With arms and doors wide open, the residents of the ZK/U welcome us into their open studios. From the poisonous berries of Johannes Abendroth to the dynamically awesome grain silo of Jan Körbes to the displaced people of Vermund Thoe to the multiple selves of Nancy Woods (just to name a few), you have one hell of a menagerie. Fifteen artists are exhibiting their stuff; that's fifteen chances at surprise, intrigue, laughter… love? Go find out!

Mathew – "The November Issue" Group Show Opening – 7pm

All we know about this description-less exhibition comes from a mysterious post on Mathew Gallery's facebook: "The November Issue / It's raining eyes / and the skeyes are grey / eyes are grey / cars are grey and silver and their / lights shine / eyes hockey player / your eyes hockey player." The obtuse poem was written by Karl Homqvuist, one of the ten artists willing to give us a November to remember. 

HKW – "Worldtronics 2013" Festival – 8pm [Admission: 10 €/8 €, Festival pass: 30 €]

​Listen to this. For the next four days, Haus der Kulturen der Welt will be grooving to "Electronica Surprise": concerts of electronic music from various corners of the word. The festival will be divided between TEAMS, DJs whose magic is weaved by collaboration with other artists, and TOOLS, DJs that make use of peculiar sound materials or intruments in their compositions. Poland, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, barcelona and Buenos Aires (to name a few) are represented. Holler if you hear them. 

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Urban Spree – "Everything Amazing – Nobody Happy" Opening – 7pm​

Berlin-based painter Julia Benz gives us a taste of her medicine with this solo exhibition. Her canvases appear as jungles of vibrant colors and details in which to easily get lost in, being entranced by her lovely aquas and and pinks. A short film documenting her painting process will also be on display, along with the muscial accompaniment of Efalive of the Jazoburbs. See you there!

LEAP Berlin – "Palace Of Peace" Opening – 8pm

​No rest for the wicked, they say – but now is your chance! LEAP is being transformed into a Palace of Peace by Viktor Timofeev for this special occasion. From Buschwick to Riga to London, this traveling exhibition makes its pit-stop in Berlin to bring us calmer states of mind via an audio visual lecture and the sharing of "sensitive documents." Ah, and very importantly, also serving an "all-purpose, nutritious gruel with a pasteurized elixir." 

Urban Art Clash – "Happy In Berlin" Opening/Party – 8pm

Urban Art Clash is celebrating the opening of its gallery/studio project and by no means is it a small affair. Rounded up are some notable names in Berlin's (an abroad's) street art scene – El Bocho, the Innerfields Crew, Robi the Dog and Czarnobyl, just to name a few. Hell yes there'll be live painting and music, along with screenings and performances throughout the two floors of the exhibition space. 

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

KW Institute For Contemporary Art – "Christoph Schlingensief" Opening – 5pm

This is the first comprehensive show dedicated to the work of Christoph Schlingensief, an artists whose ouvre spans film, theater, operas, happenings, performances and installations. The explosive nature of his works is a thread running through this exhibition, "touching on topics such as media representations of current events, politics, German history, fascism, Christianity and the institution of family." If the amount of hype surrounding this event is telling, it should be one for the books – Don't miss it!

Jää-äär Berlin – "Goodmoodzoo" Opening – 7pm

​The oddly named coffee/bar Jää-äär is celebrating its opening in style and art with Maris Männik's playful exhibition of animal masks, photography and video. Männik has a fascination with making creature-heads out of paper – which to adorn and photograph her friends with (as you do). Once charged with the presence of an animal-headed person, these everyday scenarios suddenly turn funny and surreal. 

AID Berlin – "Berlin Urban Sketchers: Miniaturen des Alltags" Opening – 7pm

Berlin's Urban Sketchers are at it again, this time at the Academy for Illustration and Design. These guys are well known for their ability to grasp the feel of an urban space with the classic art of the sketch; all they need is a sharpie and some watercolors and bam. They now bring us their latest compilation of micro-narratives – people, places and scenes spontaneously captured on paper. 

Sealed with approval by the Artparasites Team