Tidy street art?

I was curious to see how a medium, initially born and created in urban spaces to capture the distracted attention of people, would look on clean indoor walls, placed at the right distance from each other and with a perfect white label with the title, name of the artist and related motivations.

A street with clean walls
West Berlin Gallery, founded in 2009 by Elodie Bellanger & Guillaume Trotin and located right at the former border between East and West Berlin, from the beginning decided to represent several Berlin-based street artists giving them the chance to show their talent not only outside, but in a real gallery, creating a new type of interaction with a different and more selected art audience.
The current exhibition shows 10 different international artist: some based in Berlin including Alias, PROST, SP38, BR1, the others from Italy, like Giacomo Spazio, or Spain’s Rallito X.
A view from the real outside
A huge window on the street gives the gallery a different view than the traditional white cube spatial layout illuminated by artificial lights. It also gives me the opportunity to observe the show initially from the freezing outdoors. I immediately recognize a lot of the styles and characters that populate every corner, wall and district of this colorful city.
Led by teenagers
Following a group of young teenagers, I enter the door and my first thought is that it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this many young people going to an art show without it being the opening day. From this I understand that street art, even if in a gallery, still maintains the interest of the younger generations.