Those Who Curate Together, Stay Together

I meet Anja Henckel and Nadim Samman of curatorial scheme Import Projects at their space in Charlottenburg early one Friday morning the night after their latest show opening. Understandably they look a little fragile but are extremely welcoming all the same, Anja busying herself making us coffee and Nadim padding about in his socks and cardigan giving BAPS photographer Chris and me an informative, ad hoc tour of their current show Liquid Archive.

Looking around the space I’m impressed by the three beautifully laid out rooms, but apparently everyone is fooled by these notions of grandeur – the venue is not in fact a gallery but a project space which is not-for-profit. Anja explains, “people are kind of blinded by the space and location. We could be in Neukölln, we could be in Wedding –we’re on the same low budget but people get confused. We’re just lucky.”

Mixing Business And Pleasure

Curious to know how the pair started their curatorial endeavours, I ask how they met. Nadim grins and explains, “well Anja was living in london the last seven years and I lived there the last ten. We met about four years ago unprofessionally…”. At this point Anja chuckles and they look at each other, eyes twinkling. Although mixing business and pleasure isn’t usually advised, in this case it seems to be working, and as Anja points out quite a few curatorial couples exist in the Berlin art scene such as the curators at Future Gallery and Kinderhook and Caracas

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