This Weekend In Berlin Rocks!

This weekend in Berlin feels once again invigorating. Our banquet of events include open air activities, selfless art deeds, openings and performances. Amongst these, there is an artist retrospective as well as the latest art-experiments in the city. Let's get to it!

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Mindpirates – "Odyssey Of The Lovers" Opening – 6pm

"Love is a place," E.E. Cummings once wrote. Mindpirates left for an idyllic island outside of Berlin to perform a jam session with musicians and submerge themselves in an atmosphere of love. The results from this 24 hour experiment – videos, photos, recordings, texts – will finally be exhibited. We're curious to know what happened there so we're joining the trip!


Griessmühle – "Baum Haus – Comedy Open Air" Event – 6pm

Some fun in the sun is also in store: laughs, music, art and life by the river. This very bright afternoon will keep everyone entertained with workshops, live-painting, live music and good food. This festival has only one rule so try to respect it: '“Nice people only! Please don't bring idiots!"

Mianki – "Moment mal" Opening – 7pm

Artwork done with leaves? Yes, this city offers just about everything. Artist Michael Schuster creates small sculptures and installations from tree leaves and also photographs them. He works with ideas of conservation and memory; leaves are witness to the passing of seasons and transform with time. The name of the exhibition clearly states this: "Just a moment." 

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Martin-Gropius-Bau – "Meret Oppenheim: Retrospective" Opening – 10am-7pm

We absolutely love to go back in time and appreciate old treasures. This Meret Oppenheim exhibition marks the centenary of the artist's birth (Berlin, October 1913). She was part oft he Parisian Surrealist crew and hung out with figures like Max Ernst and Man Ray. In addition, she acted as a pioneer figure for other women artists because of her freedom of speech. This iconoclast with an emancipatory attitude is being remembered and we want to take part!

Galerie Michael Janssen – "Anders Kjellesvik / Monique Van Genderen" Opening – 6pm

​Norwegian artist Anders Kjellesvik was born in an island. His work is influenced by his time there, along with his travels and expeditions. "Materials and motives collected during journeys are later replaced by painterly visions and create autonomous scenic narratives." Monique van Genderen also works with the ideas of narrative and figuration within abstraction. The Canadian artist is influenced by painters such as Matisse and Emerson Woelffer. It will be interesting to see how this show is curated!

Superplan Berlin – "ARTnapping" Opening – 8pm

This event brings together Berliner artists in a summer garden to sell their illustrations and paintings. The collected money will be donated to children in need. Live tattooing and urban art will also entertain the visitors. Help them help others and come to this event ready to spend some Euros for a good cause!

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Johan König – "Low Visibility" Performance – 2:30pm

​Amalia Pica's exhibition has been extended until September 7th. That means we also have the chance to see her live performances again. Every Saturday, a performer will activate “Playing solo and indoors (mechanical jump rope),” jumping rope as she talks about her past week until reaching exhaustion. The effort of communication and the artist's obsession with conveying ideas through art will be made clear through this staged monologue. 

Galerie Kamm – "To Celebrate The Hell Out Of Them" Performance – 8pm

The artists Ligia Manuela Lewis, Timothy Murray, Paulita Pappel, Llewellyn Reichman, Ingrid Sattes and Judith Vrancken will present performances. They chose a poem by Wojciech Kosma for the press release and, from what we can gather, the theme is intimacy and identity in sex. Worth making the visit!

Hebbel am Ufer – "Choy Ka Fai" Dance performance – 8pm (€16,50 / €11,00 reduced)

The festival "Tanz im August" provides a long list of dance events. This one, however, is definitely one of the highlights: Choy Ka Fai created a performance in which a dancer is connected to an apparatus that provides her muscles with soft electrical impulses to encourage movement. A piece to reflect on the memory of the body, technology and improvisation. 

Article by Sofía Martinelli