This NYC Weekend Is Poppin’!

NYC, your weekend art events are here. Whether you're hoping for a traditional gallery opening, or something a bit more on the psychedelic side, you're sure to find what pleases you in the glossy e-pages of Artparasites:

Thursday June 6, 2013

Beginnings – – Radiant Energy” Opening7pm

Double exhibition alert! Double exhibition alert! Artists Heather Culp and Caroline Hwang join forces for “Radiant Energy,” an exhibition of Culp’s mixed media and Hwang’s fabric creations. Head on down for the weekend’s inaugural—and only—gallery doubleheader!


3rd WardDemo + Discussion Night With Grand St.” – 7:30pm

The ever-lively 3rd Ward gets their weekend under way with a demonstration and chat with representatives from 'creative technology' start-ups Grand St and Verse Audio, two companies that meld high-art form with functional tech products. Come for the aesthetics, stay for the practicality.

Issue Project Room – "Seven Storey ​Mountain" – 8pm

Different versions of Nate Wooley’s musical piece—which aims to capture the passion of religious ecstasy in highly-disciplined orchestral music—have played to great acclaim at Issue Project Room since 2012. Close your Thursday out with Wooley’s latest, featuring epic orchestrations from Wooley along with eleven musical collaborators.

Friday June 7, 2013

Ouchi Gallery – "The 8th 100 Artist Exhibition" Opening – 6:30pm

For the eighth year in a row, Ouchi gallery presents 100 artists in one little exhibition. The gallery’s been sending out snapshots from the show on their Facebook page, but nothing can capture the motley and overwhelming glory of a 100-artist opening event.

Calico – "On/Off Acid" Opening – 7pm

Acid: It’s a hell of a drug, kids. Debates on whether the stuff does the artistic spirit good or bad have raged since the Haight-Ashbury heyday. Now Calico dips into the fray with two connected series, “On Acid” and “Off Acid.” So test those waters with them, intrepid brain-explorer! Only be forewarned: Calico says there’s no acid being served at the event. Which might affect your pre-game plans.

Reverse Gallery – “Earth Flat” Opening – 7:30pm

Last year, artist Melissa F. Clarke headed to the arctic to gather video of the swiftly-eroding ice shelves in the region. Now she’s back in New York with a three-day exhibit extravaganza. On Friday and Saturday, Clarke curates a series of performances reflecting on the rapidly-diminishing ice sheet. On Sunday, she presents a video piece developed on her trip .

Saturday June 8, 2013

Governor’s Island – Figment – 10am

You know the art fair drill: pretty young things in hip outfits running about, hoping to seem fabulous. So Figment took the fair idea and turned it on its head. A no-frills fair for the teeming masses, Figment’s a large-scale, outdoor collective artwork created by visitors. It sticks around for the weekend, then disappears till next year. Stop on by—no pretense required.

The Parlour Midtown – NYC LibARTy – 2pm

One part art shindig, three parts lunch, brunch, and dinner, this party-exhibition in the spacious Parlour Midtown has offerings to please all shapes and sizes. Food for the kiddies in the afternoon and DJs for the rents in the evening. Stay until things get raunchy!

Center for Performance Research – New Voices in Live Performance – 7:30pm

The New Voices in Live Performance at CPR invites young curators to arrange a two-night extravaganza in CPR spaces. Saturday closes out curator Jen McGinn’s turn at bat with a series of dances and other live performances. The evening also happens to coincide with CPR’s gala date, in case McGinn's well-chosen performance offerings get you feeling like a high-roller.

Article by Christopher Shea