This Is What Happens To A Man When He Loves Wholeheartedly

Illustration by  Karen Klink

Illustration by Karen Klink

A man in love is given eyes that suck up
and retain light like diamonds.
A man in love cares not for past mistakes and heartaches
but is grateful for them for they’ve brought him here
To You.
A man in love can walk through walls
and sweep aside clouds
using only the palm of his hand.
A man in love can fly over oceans
crush mountains with a glance
pull continents together
melt icecaps
rewrite history
rearrange the stars
to mirror the new constellations
in his heart.
A man in love smells roses in hills of dung
and sings sweeter than the lark
without singing a word.
A man in love is a creature of war –
a lion with a scorpion’s tale
a fox’s cunning
a wolf’s tameless soul
the hunger of a bear risen from deathly hibernation.
He’s a biological bomb
a nuclear strike
a virus with an ideological monopoly on life
an army willing to kill and die
for the promise of a kiss
your kiss
and a nightful of bliss and forgetfulness
in the face of the wandering loveless beast that he was and is
As a man in love.
Submitted to ArtParasites by Stephen Fox