This Berlin Weekend Is Going Full Circle!

As September moves forward before Berlin Art Week, we bring you openings in any way, shape or form: abstractions, drawings, landscapes and soothing strokes – anything can happen! It's a magic time in the city despite the cloudy atmosphere. Colorful adventures and insightful images are abound!

Swarm Events

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Under The Mango Tree –"Play and Win the Game​" Opening – 7pm

An inspiring group of 54 female artists advocate for gender equality. Even though there are significantly more women than men that follow Art at University, only a minority can make a living from their studies. This project, that presents a wide range of media, brings art to daily life by using the metaphor of cards, a game that entails risk, wittiness and lucidity. The message of togetherness looks to be passed on, hand in hand, to other women artists of the world. In games we exercise real life and hopefully this show will serve to remodel the role of women in art. 

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art – "Laughter" Opening – 7pm

​Shakespeare, in his attempt to define love, wrote: "misshapen chaos of well seeming forms". Paintings by young American artist Winston Chmielinski resemble that line. They are powerful, condensed yet delicate strokes of pastel colors and evocative forms. Some more abstract than others, shapes vanish and paint breaks out. The human figure viewed as a metamorphosed vision, a brilliant vision. 

Jarmuschek + Partner – "Quicksand" Opening – 6pm

​Jarmuschek+Partner are not only welcoming the fall art season, they are also welcoming a new location for the gallery. On this ocassion, artist Sabine Banovic presents her black and white drawings which express great contrast and give a sense of meandering search. Our writer recently described her work as "Bold lines of menacing black; watermarked ink slowly bleeds on the canvas like a raven’s mirror." Ominous and enticing, the canvas captivates and invites the viewer to discover his own search within. We're coming.  

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Jarmuschek + Partner – "Edge and Surface" Opening – 7pm 

A group of 21 artists are exhibiting…on a Monday! That's right, Berliners, Mondays are not out of fashion and there is hope for those of you who spent a quite weekend 'zuhause' and are ready to explore the world as a new week commences. As for the paintings, it will be a feast of colors and shapes, good old contemporary art to throw you off the edge!

Weekend Listings 

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Galerie Eigen + Art – "Viola Bittl, Stef Heidhues, Philip Seibel –Group Exhibition" Opening – 5pm

Galerie Born Berlin – "Landscape" Opening – 6pm

insitu – "»Episode 3: Cézanne beats Pollock«" Opening – 7pm

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Galerie Judin – "The Letter" Opening – 6pm

Buchmann Galerie – "Raffi Kalenderian" Opening – 6pm

Loftus Hall – "Russian Porn" Party – 11pm

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Contemporary Fine Arts GmbH – "Zeichnungen" Opening – 11am-6pm

Kavi Gupta Berlin – "Domestic Abstractions" Opening – 6pm

Lüttgenmeijer – "Sieben Automatische Landschaften" Opening – 7pm

​PLATOON KUNSTHALLE – "Remake Festival 2013" Festival – Running until Sept 15th!

Article by Sofía Martinelli