Think You Know Chinese Art?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Chinese contemporary art? Hopefully not the Andy Warhol Mao series… though, if that is the case: you’ve got a lot to catch up on! Zhong Gallery, the first European gallery founded by Chinese gallerists, is here to help. It’s second group show presents 10 Chinese artists that are bound to blow you away and teach you a thing or two about contemporary art in the not-so-opaque China. Artists include: Gao Shiqiang, Liu Wei, and Zang Kunkun among others. Staying true to the exhibition title “Shedding – New Art From China,” you are guaranteed to see some of the top Chinese artists who are in the forefront and defining the art scene today. 

With only two more days to catch the exhibit, Zhong Gallery is giving an extra treat for those who want more: Next Tuesday (June 26, 2012) art enthusiasts are invited to meet one of the exhibiting artists, Gao Shiqiang, in person and see three of his films… and all for free! The films include Red, Butterfly Lovers, and Faint with Oxygen. From depictions of the communist military influence on Chinese society to the Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet, these films are a must-see. Afterwards, Gao Shiqiang will hold a discussion and answer questions. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! 

  • Zhong Gallery “Shedding – New Art From China” Closing: June 23rd 2012. Gao Shiqiang Artist Talk and Film Screening held at Arsenal 1, Potsdamer Strasse 2: June 26th 2012, 3pm-6:30pm.