There’s No Hiding!

Although the quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” might be a cliché, it’s still undeniably true. With this in mind, Maria Xesfigi from Suntherain invites artists to narrate their experience through images (the intimate the better) and submit it to her new art magazine, Collarbones, with the chance to be published for the first issue. The task however isn’t to tell any story or experience, but only the most private ones! Photographers should take the challenge to reveal close personal relations and private moments. In her words: “Share the photo you keep in your blog, wallet, hidden into a box under your contemporary iron framed bed.”

Collarbones is a digital magazine about photographic treasures and the stories behind them – we’re looking forward to see the results of their first issue and this is a great opportunity for upcoming artists in Berlin to have their work published. To know more about how to do it and how to submit your work, click here.  But hurry up: the deadline is tomorrow, July 31st! Get your camera out and don’t waste a minute!