The Y Generation Cliché Fear Of Being In A Relationship Is Real

Photo by Brock Elbank

Photo by Brock Elbank

Looking at society lately, I’ve come to notice that many people suffer from an unexplainable fear of not being in a relationship, or in other words, being emotionally independent, single and alone.

You see people rushing in and out of shaky and unstable relationships, exchanging possessiveness, dominance, ego loads, negativity and very rarely do they get to share life.

It’s like as time went by and habits changed, the concept of being in a relationship and the ways these commitments are dealt with, shifted towards the worse and all of a sudden, it became the norm.

People started stuffing everything they could find in their relationship, leaving it tasteless and off-track, for the plain fact of being in a relationship, because being single and alone for some time represents the dark side for most people and they’ll do whatever it takes, even an abusive relationship, to avoid it.

Meeting people is easy, loving people is easy and people meet other people all the time. People fall in love a thousand times in a single day because love has taken on a much simpler form of self satisfaction, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every person you meet has to have a position or a role in your life. By escaping being alone, you are indirectly escaping a slow and fruitful process of self-discovery that can and will lead to a better you in the near or far future.

Do not fall for conformity.

You are young, you are energetic and you are capable of oh so much that it becomes quite sad to see you wasting all that mountain-rocking energy on matters that do you very little good in your progress in life. On the contrary, every second spent trying to bend and mould people out of their original structure is a wasted second of development and evolution on an intellectual, spiritual and even emotional level. All you need to do is let the pieces fall into place, no great puzzle was ever put together by force, nor was any successful commitment.

You will hold a lot of hands, you will stare into thousands of full and empty souls, you will make a lot of promises, you will do, you will regret and you will say one too many “I Love You’s”, all that, in the name of fear, fear from one’s self and what might lie beneath it.

If you do not discover yourself, if you do not unwrap the chaos inside of you, nobody will ever get to know the real you and you will stand in disappointment at all the closed doors you missed for all the wrong reasons.

Submitted to ArtParasites by Nader Dagher