The World Without A Curator

 A warm, brightly lit store front beams like a beacon of hope on a cold, lifeless street in Kreuzberg. Welcome to Artist as Curator’s Art Vol. 2, an art party at Schau Fenster that was all about the artists and the people behind them, you! The event is a ground-breaking platform for artists of all different walks of life to show their art while questioning the role of the curator in the art market. From a giant grey pixelated piece by artist DAG, to a colorful painting of a masked man holding a dalmation by Maria Gimenez, the art was as diverse as the crowd. Sophisticated but not stuffy and not too young or too old, the event was a raving success. If you missed out, check out our video with footage from the night’s event with music by Austalian musician, Chupo & Jane.

  • Schau Fenster “The Artist as Curator’s Art Vol. 2″ Presented by Jan Kage. Friday September 28th 2012: 7pm
Article and video by Kirsten Hall