The Symbols Of Berlin

Under the title “Mordors Auge?/ ¿El Ojo de Mordor?” (“Mordor´s Eye?”) the current exhibition at Phos_lab studio has nothing to do with orcs or elves – as you could have imagined at the very beginning- but with the emblematic image of the Berliner Fernsehturm (TV tower), whose reflection on the pavement during a rainy day became almost an obsession for Natalia Pérez-Galdós. “With time Alexanderplatz has changed so much that many of these pictures are impossible to be taken again; new buildings, new paving without puddles…” This makes “Mordors Auge?” not only an exhibition about the inner vision of the Spanish artist, but also a very particular and magic vision of the transformable exterior image of the Berliner symbol and its surrounding.


The naked and transitory beauty of a reflection

Working in the Cinematographic Department of the television channel Canal+, Natalia Pérez-Galdós trained her eyes to catch all these small precious details which surround us at any moment and which appear in the most unexpected places… such as a puddle. She wants to share all these temporary jewels that she finds on her way and which probably, no one else had seen.

Without using any kind of photo editing effects, but the plain nature of what the lens has captured, the photographer shows the undulating silhouette of the famous tower on the surface of the water, “The light of Berlin has a wonderful violet shade, there’s no necessity to manipulate the image.” This subtle light gives the pictures the impression of having been taken from a dream, a reverie, dissolving sometimes the well known figure of the tower into abstraction.

Don’t you like rainy days? Thanks to the atmosphere and personality of the new Studio Phos_lab together with the cloudy sky outside and the new exhibition, you can convert a gray day into a chance to discover a world of details you never noticed before.

  • Phos_lab, Natalia Pérez-Galdós: Mordors Auge?/¿El Ojo de Mordor?  September 1st – 30th 2012, Tuesday & Thursday: 17-20h, Saturday & Sunday: 13-20h, and by appointment. (Price Range €25-300 Euro)

Article written by Anabel Acuna