The Sound of Now

Hey guys, we know, it’s been a long week. But you know what they say: work hard, PLAY hard! Get ready for a crazy weekend with a show by an Australian trio, musical mayhem at Neukölln Summer Fest, and heaps of new gallery openings! So grab a couple of friends and some roadie beers from your local Spätkauf and get ready to have some fun!


Thursday September 6th, 2012


Idrawalot Gallery/Showroom –Medium Rare”: Group Exhibition Elliot Beaumont, Amanda Ceccato and Dord Burrough – 7pm

Art and Aussies! What could be better? Don’t miss this group exhibition by Australian artists Elliot Beaumont, Amanda Ceccato, and Dord Burrough with works from watercolors, to geomorphic graphite planes, to tactile oil paintings. More info here


First Thursday’s Neukölln: Art Walk – 6:30pm

Similar to Fashion’s Night Out but without all the glamazons. Just real, young creative types enjoying some friendly company and good conversation while savoring the extended business hours of businesses, galleries, and variety stores throughout Neukölln. More info on where to meet here


Zweigstelle: “Energies of the Avant Garde” Exhibition Opening

Collaboration between two artists, Mateo Cohen and Rolf Rose, combining and exploring the relationship between the works of the two artists and also linguistic functioning as art. More info here


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Friday September 7th, 2012

LEAP: Exhibition by Jacob Kirkegaard “PIVOT” 8pm

 Fear of heights? We have the solution! Experience the views from Berlin’s most famous landmark, the Fernsehturm, from the safety of the LEAP project space with a video and sound installation from danish artist Jakob Kirkegaard! More info here

Summer Fest in Neukölln 6pm

Music, music, music!! Cheap drinks, good food, and every kind of music imaginable. Jazz, rhythm and blues, Balkan, electro–it’s all happening at the Summer Fest in Neukölln! More info here

Janine Bean Gallery: Exhibition byTanja Selzer “SUBROSA” 6pm

It’s back to the future with Tanja Selzer’s new exhibition “SUBROSA.” What you can expect: paintings dealing with momentary snapshots, overlap of present and future, and social zeitgeist–the state of mind of a society during a certain time period. More info here

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Saturday September 8th, 2012

DUVE Berlin: opening of new art space and“Not Safe for Work” Exhibition – 6pm-9pm

To mark the opening of DUVE’s new art space in Kreuzberg, the gallery is showing an exhibition featuring Chris Succo, Dan Shaw-Town, Ed Fornieles, Roman Liska, Nazafarin Lotfi and Wyatt Kahn. The art itself is not confined to one specific genre or theme but rather lends itself to the personal artistic identities of each individual artist. More info here


Creative and artsy handmade crafts, pizza, beer, popcorn, and countless other delectable delights are all in store for shoppers at the Katerflohmarkt! More info here

João Cocteau

 “Arise” exhibition by Laura Gorski and Marisa Benjamim: 7pm

 Earth Wind and Fire–Brazilian artist Laura Gorski and Portugese artist Marisa Benjamim collaborate to create a visual spectacular with works dealing with themes such as space and landscape, story telling, horticulture, and natural subjects. More info here


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