The Pressure’s On: 2013 Resolutions!

Starting the New Year is always the same: with a slight (or more than slight) hangover, you find yourself lost in the mental landscape of “resolution making” exercises and find yourself too easily carried away a bloody mary or two into your New Years Day brunch. No eating before bedtime; less alcohol (on week nights); re-newing that gym membership your ex bought you, etc, etc, etc. Same old, same old. To liven things up a bit, we caught up with some of our top featured NYC-based artists of 2012 to find out what their “art resolutions” are and to see what they have up their sleeves for 2013. Here’s the gist of it:

Michael Alan: The mastermind behind the 5 or more hour long Living Installation, riveting art performances.

(1) What are your art resolutions for this new year? I don’t believe in time, or years. The idea of following a man made system doesn’t work with me. I just go. Every work should be stronger then the next. Beyond the point of sale or show. For the purpose of life!

(2) Favorite art spot to look out for in 2013? Always trying to make that happen, NYC has become very tight, commercial and artificial, I’m always on the daily march to find the spot, turn it upside down and free the people

(3) What does the art scene in NYC need more of in 2013? Truth

 Michael Alan Art Work

Recent artwork by Michael Alan entitled “Gather, Process, Bubble”

Dan Oglander: The Tennesee-born, NYC-based artist who is creating quite a stir with his gun collection.

(1) What are your art resolutions for this new year? Find a new studio space/art P.R/representation. Hone my new found painterly style. Limit color palate.

(2) Favorite art spot to look out for in 2013? Joe Sheftel Gallery, Famous Accountants, Envoy Enterprises

(3) What does the art scene in NYC need more of in 2013? The art scene in NYC needs more art for art’s sake…

Dan Oglander's Artwork

“No means no” artwork by Dan Oglander.  

Martynka Wawryzniak: An artist who stunned us in 2012 with her “Smell Me” exhibition and scent chamber at Envoy Enterprises.

(1) What are your art resolutions for this new year? To realize my next project.

(2) Favorite art spot to look out for in 2013? I can’t wait to see Wolfgang Laib’s pollen installation at MoMA. 

(3) What does the art scene in NYC need more of in 2013? More focus on conceptual art and less on decorative commercial art. 

Martynka Wawryzniak's Smell Me Installation

Installation shot of  Martynka Wawryzniak’s “Smell Exhibition” at Envoy Enterprises. Photo courtesy of the artist and Envoy Enterprises.

Alexander Thebez: A member of the GIFRIENDS GIF Crew who has not only done an excellent job of putting on fascinating and interactive art shows, but has certainly made GIFs happen.

(1) What are your art resolutions for this New Year? There is a lot that I would like to get done in 2013, especially in the coming months, both in terms of collaborations and personal projects. Together with Elizabeth Renstrom, a close friend and a photographer that I respect, I am working on launching a small art publication titled Tag Tag Tag. We have artists that we are excited about contributing to it, and we are hoping to have that done before the end of January.

The GIFRIENDS and I are planning to start a new series that will be available on the GIFRIENDS website. The project will continue the direction we explored in “From Point A to Point B” but in a more straightforward, also diverse way. Stay tuned for that!

Besides those two main collaborations, I am also working on personal photography projects. There are a book project that I am in the process of editing, and will self publish in the coming months. I have also started shooting a new body of work that I would like to finish this year.

So – most of my “art resolutions” is work related, I guess. Finishing things up and what not.

(2) Favorite art spot to look out for in 2013? I’m always a fan of The Hole on Bowery, Eyebeam Art Center, and AMO Studios. Rhizome’s collaborations with The New Museum are always for the lookout too!

(3) What does the art scene in NYC need more in 2013? Fun and Funding and Hugs  <3<3<3

GIFRIENDS at Amo Studios

Art enthusiast Michael enjoying a GIF by GIFRIENDS at their exhibition at Amo Studios in 2012. Photo: Camilo Fuentealba 

Onwards and outwards! Enjoy 2013, Artparasites!