The New Pretty In Pink

Everyone’s talking about Chelsea. Meeting artists and art enthusiasts from all over NYC – from Brooklyn to the Lower East Side and Greenwich Village – a recurring topic of conversation goes along the lines of “did you hear this-and-that gallery moved to Chelsea?” or  “so-and-so is exhibiting in Chelsea… How’d they do it?!”  Word on the street is if you’ve ever exhibited in Chelsea, you’ve somehow “made it” in the art world. In the past decade, over 250 galleries have opened up or moved to the NYC district Chelsea. Covering the blocks of 20th and 29th (between 9th and 10th Ave), one can imagine that gallery-hopping in this gallery-dense district could get quite exhausting. That’s why we’ve picked the best and must-see galleries in Chelsea that are sure to put on an excellent exhibition. We guide you to the best art spots in Chelsea – from Gladstone with its large and diverse collection (from sculpture artist Anish Kapoor to street artist icon Keith Haring) to the dynamic Ceres Gallery and the international and ever-growing Matthew Marks Gallery, and more.

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