The More The Merrier

Summer is festival time. Saturday is projected to be 35 degrees (celsius!) and this city is getting hotter by the minute. This weekend a very special festival is being brought to all you Berliners by HomeBase LAB and Artstars*.  Homebase is a site-specific mobile residency program that invites artists to live and work together for 3 months to investigate the notion of Home.  Sound interesting? Well then, read on to hear about the weekend’s events and about their open call for a new residency. 

From Friday through Sunday at the former Engelhardt brewery in Pankow, there will be installations, comics, glassworks, live performances, a teatime Bach concert, DJs, parties, open studios, something concerning pudding, and much more! 16 international artists show you their art chops over 3 days of artistically driven work, madness, and most importantly, fun.  Sound like they’ve got it all? Wait! What? There’s more! They will also be brewing Ignatz Beer live. You’ve never heard of it?  Maybe that’s because it’s HomeBase’s own beer! Sustainability never tasted so good. *hic

So, how do you get in on the fun?  Well simply head up to Pankow and dive into this crazy art festival.  Oh, you mean, really get into it.  Head to HomeBase’s website and check out their new open call for artists, writers, and other creatives.  You guessed it, as this residency draws to a close, it’s time to start planning for another.  Perhaps next time it will be you having a teatime Bach concert or messing around with Pudding.  What sweet treats will you bring to the table?  We’re excited to find out.  But first, it’s time to check out what these hardworking artists from HomeBase have to offer.

  • HomeBase LAB  HomeBase III Festival – Opening Party: Friday August 17th from 7pm. Full schedule and details here.