The Kind Of Parent I Want To Become

Painting by  Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen

Painting by Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen

Everyone says that people will build their families based on how they were created
I really hope that’s not my case.
I want my kids to have
childhoods they don’t have to recover for.

Painting by Richard Macneil

Painting by Richard Macneil

I want to have conversations during lunch and dinner,
while everyone is on the table,
I don’t want my kids to have depression, but if they do,
I will stand by their side, and will not say this is a way to get attention.
I will NEVER say to that their dreams are not worth it,
because they are.
I will support their heterosexuality, homosexuality, asexuality or whatever they choose to be,
and I will know it is not “only a phase”.
I don’t want to people look at them and feel sorry
for what they have been trough.

My parents did exactly the opposite,
and I am ashamed of what I have become.


#ReaderSubmission by Samarah Graciola