The Dog Days: NYC’s Best Weekend Art Events

April Fool’s Day is over and now the ennui sets in. Luckily for you––Oooh, Mama: it’s finally the weekend! Get the party started with a neighborhood walk, move on to catch some folk art, and wind the weekend up in an an ersatz-playground for grown-ups.


But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Here’s what this weekend has on offer:


Thursday April 4th, 2013


DumboNeighborhood Walk – 6-9pm

Dumbo’s full of art, and no night’s better to explore it than First Thursdays, the Dumbo Gallery Walk in which groups of those galleries open their doors to the public and drink specials run rampant in the neighborhood. Click here to build your perfect itinerary. Highlights this weekend include “Burlesque: A Reemergence” at Galapagos Art Space.

P.P.O.W. Gallery – “Reflecting Pool” opening – 6-8pm

One part installation piece one part photography exhibit, “Reflecting Pool” is sure to creep you out in all the best ways. Entering the exhibit, viewers see a series of memento mori for animals who’ve died around artist Portia Munson’s upstate home. Further on, a reflecting pool asks the viewer to reflect on how easily mass consumption allows us to discard our stuff. A beautiful space to ponder.

Rush Arts Gallery – “Dimensions Available: Multiracial Identity” opening – 6-8pm According to the 2010 census, the number of Americans who identify as multiracial has skyrocketed in recent years. Ten artists have taken their cue from this demogrpahic shift and created “Dimensions Available,” an exhibition that explores the “political implications of racial categories and views about mixing cultures.” The artists work across all media, and represent nearly every permutation of “multiracialism” on offer in the melting pot.

Friday April 5th, 2013

Bunnycutlet Gallery – “Fantastic Animals” group opening – 7-10pm

You could go a long time in the New York art scene without catching even a whiff of folk art. So get a sextuple fix of the stuff with this group exhibit, created by city dwellers who’ve taken some time to focus on the whimsical, the animal and the communal in their work.

Jack Hanley Gallery – “Weird Science” opening – 6-8pm

Melted gummy bears with their gellatinous insides exposed; massive creations of foam, cement and glass. Some folks consider science the antithesis of art, but here the two work in harmony as a group of artists come together to display multimedia work that reflects on the strange artistry nature can display.

Petzel Gallery – “And Europe Will Be Stunned” opening – 6-8pm

Fascinated by the Jewish Renaissance Movement––a Polish political group that insists on the return of Jews to their homeland in Palestine––artist Yael Bartana created three films about founders and participants in the group. The three films will be screened together and run for 60 minutes.

Saturday April 6th, 2013

Amos Eno Gallery – “Gone Fishing!!!” reception – 2-5pm

Three exclamation points for three times the fun!!! For his new exhibit, artist Walt Swales presents a series of bronze casts and ready-made sculptures crafted from a wide variety of natural sources, including (eerily enough) deer skulls. Swales conceived the show with the whimsical thought that “art is adult play” in mind, so come prepared for playground-level fun.

Dodge Gallery – “Adaptive Radiation” opening – 6-8pm

According to Dodge, Cordy Ryman’s first exhibition at Dodge Gallery resembles “compulsive counting—with hiccups.” Color me interested. The show centers around a large-scale installation across Dodge’s floor and walls, colored with spray, flourescent, acrylic and other types of paint. The primary material? Ryman’s signature 2X4’s.